foo2 island by Archee [web]

                        Foo2 island    by Archee
                        Function 2017 demo compo

Featuring real time physics.

 o = toggle detail level  low-med-high
 7 = toggle manual camera
 8 = slow motion
 9 = fast forward
 0 = pause and fly free camera
 Backspace = rewind

Camera controls: up,down,left,right, WASD, ENTER, INSERT   CTRL = speedup

Must not use those FPU instruction,that may give different results
on AMD and Intel. Any difference in calculation would cause the entire demo
to desync.
The reptile has a fixed muscle pattern, stuff had to be built in it's way.
Vehicles were driven and the input was recorded.

3D models       Element4ary(PL), Asdim(AT), Zediox(SLO), Hotrod(USA), Archee
Music           Nagz
Texture help    Copass
Code,driving    Archee