Egypt, 2600BC by Genesis Project [web]

"Egypt, 2600BC" by Genesis Project.
Atari VCS/2600 32kb (Tigervision 3F bankswitching) ROM.

Graphics and music by Mermaid.
Code by Shadow.

For use on real hardware (probably using Harmony cart), use one of
the files in the Harmony_cart folder. Some combinations of console and
screen/projector turned out to be quite a lot darker than others, so if
the pictures look a bit too dark, try "2600bc_bright.3f" instead.

For emulator use, make sure the emulator runs the ROM using the Tigervision 3F
bankswitching scheme. If the autodetect in Stella (most commonly used emulator)
fails, click on the .bin file, then select Options/Game properties and set
the cartridge type to 3F.

Thanks to Slammer for Kick Assembler and Kylearan for TIA Tracker!