Snell's Window by Collapse [web]

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PRODUCT: Snell's window

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:: Credits ::

        - shash/Collapse  - code / design / sync / graphics
        - slack/Collapse  - music / add. size optimizations
        - gopher & pOWL      - 4klang
        - Blueberry & Mentor - crinkler
        - Ctrl-Alt-Test      - ShaderMinifier

:: Greets ::

     Panda Cube, Prismbeings, Architect, None, Genshiken, Bixo, Software Failure,
    Nocturns, Necrostudios, Spontz, Fuzzion, Still, Accession, iq, unai, Xernobyl,
    and all the people we forgot (come to a party, and let's fix that!)

:: Comments ::
      shash:  Done in a few days before the party, the point of this prod was to
             create something without the burden  of prior years, trying to push
             myself  too hard.  So a bunch of  synchro, postprods,  lighting and
             scenes without a theme. Just  something that is short and hopefully
             sweet :)
              Special thanks to Itziar for color advice (that I clearly ignored),
             and just for being there, "t'estimo maca" :)
      slack:  This was one of the more challenging intros for me, mostly due to
             the logistics. I don't have a lot of time these days, working from
             a different continent doesn't help, and I have never been too good
             at making music in this particular style. So I was lucky to have a
             flash of inspiration a couple of days ago and was able to finish a
             decent enough (even if short) track. I hope you like it.
              I want to thank Virgill for sharing some neat optimization tricks
             with me after last Revision, and of course Vane for her support.
        Enjoy more,
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