atarin by Techno Lab

:: tekkno lab
:: is back

:: for multimatorgaf'2o18

:: a.t.a.r.i.n

:: enhance you YM!
  .16 duty cycle levels
  .classis atari st sid-sound effect
  .digital 6khz samples
  +ye olde realtime planedeform effect

:: n1k-o    - music (cover of aigel - tatarin)
:: kowalski - main code
:: wbcbz7   - vortex tracker 3.0 hackery, textures, moral (and not :) support

:: thanks to diver4d and introspec for your kindly support, and BIG respect
   to flexx/ut for new vortex tracker releases - you just rulez dood! :) 

:: greets to poke/patisoners, tao/cream, scavenger, karbofos, sand and all
   other AY/YM musicians and magicians all over the world, keep YM rockin'!

:: krd<->nsk->ru->zq.o4.zol8