Insomnia by 64ever

The problem some of you had with running the demo on real machines was not the fault
of the code, but of drives not being in perfect condition or properly aligned.

After all, this is somewhat old equipment so maybe it was wrong of me to try taking
the drive to its limits.. ;)
Anyway, the loader in this version is much more forgiving :)

Some ppl who had problems before are able to run it now without any problems.

It still might not work on some drives, but that cant be helped.

Please make sure to write the demo disk with the same drive that will be used to
run the demo (if possible) and also format the disk on that same drive.

Other changes:

-The buggy Emulator detection is gone.

-NTSC & SCPU detection is fixed (caused a crash before)

Thats it!  sorry for the trouble, hope it works for everyone now :)