6feet by kolor [web]

kolor at the party 98

6 feet ( below the things that are nothing more than ) ....

code,meshes,gfx         noize
music,gfx               raytrayza
gfx                     poti
dorsch                  c-dorsch


noize thanks the following ppl for their help in various aspects:
 shiva, hellfire, blackaxe, red13, yoda, daniels, kb, climax, guille

we are sorry for 2 meg demos with pcx.

lord chaos has no dorsch.

tausch mir den alex um.

noize has no normal.

im irc sind nur spacken.

ihr lernt selbst auch einen normalenvektor kenne.

ich hab frezeit waehrend dem upload.

also verhalt ich mich mal unmoeglich:

@XTerm                            sind spacken

if it's not working i don't care.
if it's not working in aars i do care. because i am here and aars is
 another thing.

if it looks like other demos we are sorry.

crest and cstorm and kritix betatested our internal ftp.