Dusken by Oxygen [web]

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    :           :                           - dusken -
  !!! !  !  !!! ! !!  !!  !!!       an oxygen experience in 1995
 +  + +  + +__  ++   +  + +  +
.$..$.$..$....$.$.$..$.$..$..$..................  .  .   .    .       .
--###--###-###--#--#--###-#--#-------------------.-..-. .-.. .-..    .-.
==---==---=---==-==-==---=-==-===================-=--=-.-=--.-=--.. .-=-.
-.--.-.--.----.-.-.--.-.--.--.-------------------.-..-. .-.. .-..    .-.
. .. . .. . .. .  ... .. . .. ..... .   .      .

                _/\\                   This  will probably win the award for
               =/ \|__                 the  most ascii-laden doc file in the
              -/     _\__  _     \_    history  of  computing,  and that's a
             -/-      \  ~-v     _\\   bit  different,  isn't  it  ?  People
            -|>         ___)    / _~~. don't do many music disks with only 4
            -/-     __ <_''     \_.= / channels  basically any more, do they
            -'.-~~~-\_\_/       -   |  ?   This  is probably the last of its
           -/-        ---...__.~   -"  kind,    unless    some    retro-boom
           /-                     -"   overtakes  the  PC  scene  and people
     .    -/-        _..____..._.~     begin  to write 4 channel mods again.
   .~/    -|-       / /                Those  days  are  gone  for all but a
  - /     -/_        |                 few,  and  I'm  one  of the few.  Not
 / <      -/         /                 having the hardware to move up to the
/  |       /        |                  world  of S3Ms, XMs and the like, I'm
|   \     -         /-                 stuck in my catatonic little world of
 \   ~---~         |> \                four  eight-bit channels.  Not having
  -_                > |                the money to upgrade my computer, I'm
    ~-..___         //                 one  of the remaining musicians who's
          \         |                  been  left  behind in the world.  Far
          |         \                  from   stagnating  in  it  though,  I
           \        |                  became    used   to   the   idea   of
          /-       /                   constriction.   Beginning  to realise
         /  -     -                    that  all  those channels were out of
       -|  -|    /                     my  reach,  I  decided to explore the
       /   /    /                      range  of  sounds  I could fill those
       \   \   <                       channels  with.   There  were  things
        |   |   L                      missing from modules that went, taken
        -   /\-  \                     for   granted,  in  the  real  world.
         =  |  \  \                    Lyrics.   for  one.   And  then there
          \  \  \  \                   were  sounds that nobody had ventured
           | --\ |  --\                to  slot in anywhere.  I explored the
           <__\\\<___\\\               sounds  more, and found that anything
                                       could  be  anything.  The mouth could
become  a  drumkit,  the vocal cords strings.  Sound was my partner in life.
Then  I  chucked  all  that hippy shit over my shoulder, flipped the bird at
whoever  had  their head turned my way to see me, and went on to make a name
for myself not as someone with the ability to impress people with technique,
but the imagination to impress people with originality.  I found people that
didn't  follow my example, but were impressed nonetheless with what I had to
give them to listen to.  And so it went on from there.  Eventually one of my
friends  decided  that  I  was  keeping my produce too well hidden, and thus
'dusken' was born.

|info sector: oxygen                                  | lost,
:-----------------------------------------------------: in the middle of
|                                                     |  the night,
|Oxygen  AudioVisual  was  founded in April 1994 from |
|the  ashes  of  a  group  called FirE.  The original | no hope for you.
|members were Jedi, Unique(-One), Kitsune, Get Merry, |
|Dead  Ringer,  and  ToneDef.  Our aim was to get the | lost,
|demo  scene in Perth and Australia alive a bit more. | not a ray of light.
|The  ANSI  scene  was  dying  slowly, and new groups |
|began  to rise and fall.  The elite scene decided to | no hope for you.
|have a party in July - by then Dead Ringer had left, |
|and  we'd  gained Statix and Refract (later becoming | sometimes, ya know,
|X-Cell,   then   Excel).    Around  the  release  of | gotta step back.
|'Cyanide' - our first demo, which we won a nice Star |
|Trek  board  game  for  making  - there was a lot of | sometimes, ya know,
|friction  between  the  demo-dedicated  half and the | gotta step back.
|scene-dedicated  half.   Unique-One  wanted  a scene |
|groOp  that  wrote  3lit3  d00rs  and ut!lz, while I | somewhere,
|wanted  a  group  that  produced  quality demos.  In | at the edge of the
|between  the  week  when  we  wrote  "Cyanide" at an |  sky,
|all-week  gathering,  and  the  party, we decided to |
|tell  Unique what he could do with himself.  He took | i'll guide you
|his  plans  elsewhere,  and  was  heard from only to |  through.
|behave  like  an  upstart.  Of course, giving Oxygen |
|members unrestricted downloading access on any board | somewhere,
|with  lots  of  goodies to be had is a bad idea, and | at the edge of the
|both  Excel  and  Unique-One found this out the hard |  sky,
|way.   Unique-One's  association  with  Oxygen ended |
|quite   abruptly,   while  Excel's  fizzled  out  to | i'm there for you.
|nothing.    We   eventually  elicited  the  help  of |
|Mantissa  <later  Swing>  and Trash <later JJJ, then | sometimes, ya know,
|Jase>  and  pulled  another all-week-er, after which | gotta step back.
|"Tedium"   was   released.   Sometime  before  this, |
|however,  Jedi  managed  to  score  a  second  place | sometimes, ya know,
|<behind  Trash> in MC2's rookie divison wih his song | gotta step back.
|"Deliverance".   Trash  joined  after taking out the |
|first  place  in  the rookie division.  By then, all | - from 'StepBack'
|members  were on the Net except me <Kitsune>.  I had |
|to  wait  until  I got to Uni to get a free account. |  written June? 1994
|<grin>  The  next  release we had was a long-overdue |  by Kitsune
|intro for "Star BBS" (which went offline permanently |
|as  far  as  we're  aware  - Jedi released it out of | probably the first
|cheek  at  anyone  who  was  complaining that Oxygen | original mod made
|never  released anything).  Then I changed my handle | which made
|a few times (kitwolf (lame), BlackWolf (taken), then | extensive use of
|to  Raphael Blackwolf) and everything settled down a | sampled lyrics.
|bit,  aside from Jase winning MC3's veteran division |
|with  a  massive  orchestral  tune the name of which :---------------------
|escapes  me.   Here's what you end up with after all |
|that.   No  member  roles  have been added, since we |
|swap jobs around a lot.                              |

info sector: running this musicdisk

To run this musicdisk you will require a few things:
	* a 386 or higher computer
	* VGA compatible video card
	* about 2 megs of RAM
	* a 512k Gravis Ultrasound, (44khz 16-bit stereo)
	  or a SoundBlaster compatible soundcard (mono 8-bit only)
	* an open mind

Basically, make sure you have a valid ULTRASND= or BLASTER= environment
variable and run it. If you have problems or want to fiddle with the
various command line options, type: dusken -?

If you have a problem, boot as plain DOS without any memory managers and try
again. Try running ULTRINIT if your GUS doesnt respond. If all else fails
then mail us with a description of the problem.

The actual music files (.s3m format) are included so you can play them using
your favourite player if all else fails...

info sector: major releases

 dos (electronic programmers tar):

 product      talent       description
 cyanide.zip  rb/jd/stx/xc Cyanide Demo for the PC - won the 1994 C-Party
 cyndptch.zip stx          Cyanide Patch for Lame Sound Cards (SB et al)
 starp100.zip jd/stx       Starplayer - Best S3M player for the GUS yet.
 startro.zip  jd/rb/stx    BBS Loader for Star BBS
 tedium.zip   jd/rb/stx    An intro about its title - tedium.
 starp200.zip jd           Starplayer - MOD file support, 100% click free
 starp201.zip jd           Starplayer - DMA to dump samples, pan bug fix
 starp202.zip jd           Starplayer - quick version 2.01 crash bug fix
 starp203.zip jd           Starplayer - continuous play feature plus more
 starp210.zip jd           Starplayer - new soundblaster support!
 starp211.zip jd           Starplayer - improved soundblaster mixing
 starp212.zip jd           Starplayer - MTM support and VU-bars
 starp220.zip jd           Starplayer - 64 modules, load from shell, menus!
 starp221.zip jd           Starplayer - alphabetical filename sorting
 starp222.zip jd           Starplayer - support for playlist files
 dusken.zip   jd/rb        Dusken Musicdisk - 6 songs by Raphael BlackWolf

 other interesting releases:

 product      talent      description
 r-delivr.zip jd          Deliverance. 2nd Placed Rookie Entry in Music
			  Contest ][.
 My Child     jd          Module part of 'expOZe', australian music disk.
 After Sunset jase        Module part of 'expOZe', australian music disk.
 ????????.XM  jase        1st placed vetran module in Music Contest ]I[

info sector: contact details
		jedi    jedi@tartarus.uwa.edu.au -or-
	     raphael    raphbw@it.com.au -or-
		jase    jlchong@tartarus.uwa.edu.au
	       swing    sjm@it.com.au
	      statix    kimba@it.com.au

	world wide web:
			http://peace.wit.com/~komsic/oxygen, or perhaps

	official ftp:

	mailing list:
			mail to listserver@unseen.aztec.co.za
			with a body of 'subscribe listname your name'
			with the lists of:

	   oxygen-list  announcements of the latest oxygen things
	   oxygen-talk  discussion of oxygen matters

			i.e. subscribe oxygen-list bill gates

info sector: 'Psychosis' lyrics
trapped  in a box * a box of pain * wrecking my body * going insane * no way
out * no way in * caught in a web * of endless sin * touch my skin * hurt my
soul * take my wits and regain control * nothing but black * as far as I can
see  *  who  remains ?  * none but me * I'm unique * one of a kind * pull my
trigger  *  blow  my  mind * touch my skin * hurt my soul * take my wits and
regain  control  *  I like it here * I want to stay * don't let them take it
all  away * touch my skin * hurt my soul * take my wits and regain control *
now  I'm  dead  * life is gone * still don't know what the fuck went wrong *
touch  my  skin  * hurt my soul * take my wits and regain control * touch my
skin    *   hurt   my   soul   *   take   my   wits   and   regain   control
info sector: Butter and Cheese translation
Haluaisin voita ja juustoa - I would like butter and cheese
shouts out to: heretics, werewolves everywhere and people who care.
*** FATAL ERROR 69 : someone kicked the plug out again

Connection terminated.