Downtown by Abyss [web]

                                . : a b y s s : .

                                    gives you

                             . : d o w n t o w n : .

              just because one disk is enough for every good demo

                              code: b a r t m a n , p i n k
                      music,scenes: p i n k
                          graphics: c y c l o n e , j c s

- requires approx. 2 mb of dpmi memory
- shouldn't be run from slow cd-roms or zip-drives
- vesa 1.2 driver should be loaded for endpart
- shouldn't be run under windows 95 (looks awful)
- supports gus, sb, nosound...
- pentium recommended, soundcard recommended
- use "-nosound" for no sound or "-setup" for manual soundcard setup if you
  think MIDAS detected the wrong soundcard...
- exitable by pressing the escape-key
- press alt-ctrl-del if you think you are stupid.

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