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__________________ A.T.S. - Dead Hackers Society ___________________

                     Released -  April 16, 1999

                 After the Error In Line convention

Hardware requirements:

 -  Falcon with FPU.

 -  3.3mb free RAM. Approx 250k of this has to be STRAM. The remaining
    can be Fast- or STRAM.

 -  RGB or VGA monitor. We highly recomend the VGA 100Hz mode for
    superior framerate and picturesize (with most monitors anyway..)
 -  It's tested with standard Falcon and Centurbo II Falcon.

Software requirements:

 -  None, it runs from TOS, MagiC, MiNT, Geneva. Falcons can have
    screen expanders enabled etc, it should work fine from any
    circumstances. Well, not Linux ;)

Known Bugs:

 -  At the moment, none. But there sureley are some lurking
    around, as always.


 -  If you have doublevbl problems, you will have fatal errors
    in the demo (music playing too fast, flickering etc).
    In this case, try the Twinsync patch program, or simply 
    run it with a TV or RGB monitor..

 -  For intelligent englishmen that have problems to understand
    what videomode to select: don't bother, you probably hit the
    wrong button anyway. Joystick controlled videomode selection
    in progress, maybe it will be easier then..


 -  Pictures and logo:

 -  Main music: 
    505, remixed by Toodeloo

 -  End music:

 -  Textures/design:

 -  Code:
    Evil & Gizmo


 -  E-mail:

 -  Homepage:


 -  The authours of this demo take no responsibility for any
    hardware, software, brains, eyes, ears damaged! You are
    running it at your own risk.


 -  Do whatever you want with it. Coverdisks, CDROMS, FTP archives,
    BBSes, commercial sales... We don't care.

Last words:

 -  Ok, so this demo is very old. It was coded during summer 1998
    inspired by the "overlay" transparent things that Sqward coded.
    It was thought as a part of a larger demo. Now, that larger demo
    wasn't made. We hacked on a ST demo instead. And now, these things
    are too old to be used in a future demo, so we decided (with some
    pushing from 505 ;)) to put it into the EIL democompetition.
    Surely only to support the compo as a "fill out" to the other
    greater demos. But strange things do happen, and it actually won!
    We are very greatful for that (we got a nice CT2 card :-)) and
    will for sure be back with more demos. But please have some
    patience. It will be a good while until next time. As you might see
    we need to write an arsenal of new routines.
    Until then, stay tuned for the next Mystic Bytes demo, it is 
    probably going to be very excellent, too bad they didn't have
    a contribution at EIL, they would have been a CT2 richer then!

    And as usual, DHS will be releaseing "small" stuff meanwhile working
    on the larger things. Expect a few musicdemos, one sized as a smaller
    harddisk (gosh, those musicans know how to waste disk..) and perhaps
    a smaller intro for some diskmag..

                     never give up - stay atari