Amiga Days by Moby

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added on the 2014-10-15 20:20:07 by keops keops
added on the 2014-10-15 20:40:56 by psenough psenough
Oh yeay!! remastered!
added on the 2014-10-15 21:21:20 by magic magic
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added on the 2014-10-15 22:33:35 by __ __
Great! This album goes on my smartphone! :)
added on the 2014-10-15 22:57:44 by SoDa7 SoDa7
Fantastic! Thanks a lot!
added on the 2014-10-15 22:58:32 by Bobic Bobic
Dragonsfunk. Still <3 it.
added on the 2014-10-16 00:31:53 by raer raer

added on the 2014-10-17 11:11:00 by bartman bartman
look forward to listening to this, thanks for sharing!
added on the 2014-10-17 14:11:34 by keito keito
Thank you guys !

Now also on Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud :)
added on the 2014-10-18 17:14:28 by Moby Moby
The perfect playlist! Some musics better than others, but hey, it's Moby after all! :)
added on the 2014-10-20 10:38:01 by norecess norecess
(RP from Facebook comment)

The mods are legendary, but I'm not excited by the remastering job. The tracks are too compressed, which may work for tracks like Dragonsfunk but not others like the Arte tracks (need more dynamic range on those drums!). Also, I was hoping at least some samples would be recreated, with or without the original synths. But it sounds like the original MOD samples were used, and without linear interpolation, they sound really lo-fi. I do appreciate the work in making this compilation, so thank you for sharing it.

Surprised you included Papoornoo 2, I like Papoornoo 1 better (dat peck sample :).
added on the 2014-10-22 19:34:53 by phoenix phoenix
added on the 2015-04-15 16:36:29 by Moby Moby
Just (blindly) bought it. I loved 1st volume so much!
added on the 2015-04-15 18:35:10 by norecess norecess
Any chance for Amiga days 2015-?

added on the 2015-04-15 18:51:15 by magic magic
Huh, I always thought Deep Space was by Greg!
added on the 2015-04-15 23:27:49 by absence absence
Nice stuff !
Volume 3 is OUT !

Lots of not so well known and unreleased stuff in this one. MODs are included in the archive :)


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added on the 2015-09-23 23:51:06 by Moby Moby
added on the 2015-09-24 00:39:21 by JosSs JosSs
thank you!
added on the 2015-09-24 01:59:00 by Bobic Bobic