Moroder's video - what the hell is that

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Well, if GEMA blocks NickelBack videos, I move to germany.
added on the 2014-11-25 12:31:59 by __ __
maali: ok I stand corrected, I don't know that well how he looks. Hopefuly in The Evolution of Vision it's not him!
added on the 2014-11-25 15:21:14 by rutra80 rutra80
Ahaha! First one singing gasman's song and strumming a guitar wins!
added on the 2014-11-25 16:18:08 by xernobyl xernobyl
I can confirm. The running particle man is indeed Navis himself captured through kinect and then coding the particle effect over the data.
added on the 2014-11-26 04:44:20 by aMUSiC aMUSiC
Next time capture Navis while he's coding the particle effect over the data being captured and enter the eternal loop.
added on the 2014-11-26 21:44:35 by dixan dixan
Answering to a topic question: it's spin-off ;)
added on the 2014-11-26 21:58:57 by diver diver
okkie: clearly walking around with a drum on your back is much more impressive than a "universe full of stars" or smth. ;)
added on the 2014-11-29 18:37:29 by dv$ dv$
i think smash can ask something to Ubisoft for the intro of the crew :)
added on the 2014-12-01 19:08:08 by rez rez
rather, i think smash was also inspired by the same lamborghini aventador advertisement as those people from ubisoft ;)
added on the 2014-12-01 20:08:12 by Maali Maali
added on the 2014-12-01 20:15:35 by Maali Maali
there are shitloads of demoish videos for lamborghini ads... e.g. http://vimeo.com/73438116 is quite nice too... starts off a bit conspiracy, ends up fairlighty :)
added on the 2014-12-01 20:17:39 by Maali Maali
Maali: AFAIK the inspiration for that demo didn't come from any of those, which makes them interesting to see in retrospect. :)
added on the 2014-12-01 20:56:12 by gloom gloom
havoc: you might know someone in the scene who likes particles and who works with bands' videos. :)
added on the 2014-12-01 20:58:47 by gloom gloom
Just a short update on this (for now, please consider that I cannot give all the details in public). After a very stressful 8 weeks, there has been very little progress. The helpful guy that was around (in this thread) no longer works for the company. The representation now has different ideas about what is fair and doable. Lets put it this way:

I go to amusic's house. He is selling a car. "Hey amusic nice car, can I take it for a testdrive around the block?" - sure!

I then proceed to drive his car around the world for 2 months, use it as a taxi, add boyracer decals and tacky in-car entairtainment system.
I return the car to amusic and say: "sorry pal, keep your car now, I cant buy it- there was never a budget for it after all".

So now, I will consider all options, with the most probable one being going public by end of month earliest- We are nice guys but not idiots...
added on the 2015-01-10 09:55:36 by Navis Navis
Very good, Navis. I think it's safe to say that a large part of the demoscene supports you.
Hopefully we can make an example out of this (unlike Timbaland... dude needs to get sued hard).
added on the 2015-01-10 09:58:46 by Scali Scali
Navis, going public is a good choice.
added on the 2015-01-10 10:15:45 by nosfe nosfe
The world is recycled stuff...
added on the 2015-01-10 10:31:50 by D4XX D4XX
They have so little faith in Moroder's revival they don't want to put in any cost for the video? Lol
added on the 2015-01-10 11:34:23 by okkie okkie
It's not lol for navis though, hope it gets sorted man!
added on the 2015-01-10 11:38:16 by okkie okkie
Dammit, always the same thing.

If they do not play fair, crush them.

We will support you.
added on the 2015-01-10 11:43:18 by ham ham
The helpful guy that was around (in this thread) no longer works for the company.

Was that the same guy who you made the initial agreement / contract / whatever with?
added on the 2015-01-10 12:06:25 by Gargaj Gargaj
No. that original guy has never contacted us directly again. The guy on this thread on pouet disappeared without trace about a month ago (I had to call their offices in US to find out, after my emails were ignored). This was the agency, not Sony Sweden- who, so far, have been rather quiet but , at least, seem to have a mild interest in resolving the situation.
added on the 2015-01-10 12:15:46 by Navis Navis
Looks like some people only get it the hard way =P
added on the 2015-01-10 12:17:45 by T$ T$
rather, i think smash was also inspired by the same lamborghini aventador advertisement as those people from ubisoft ;)

never seen that one before but if anything it looks like inspiration for frameranger (some years earlier) :)
added on the 2015-01-10 13:25:57 by smash smash
It wouldnt surprise me if they already made a calculation if going public on Navis' side would really harm them: If it doesnt spark enough interest and no one cares, it will just vanish unnoticed so the profit is still secured for them.

Their point of view is probably very simple: "Sue us, if you dare, or go fuck yourself."

The core motivation for their actions is not truth or justice, it's protection of their interests. As long as nothing happens that is REALLY going to hurt their interests, they are going to do it - even if it's unjustified or untruthfull.
added on the 2015-01-10 14:38:04 by Salinga Salinga