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thank you
added on the 2010-09-04 22:46:07 by jack-3d jack-3d
Note, while I mention this video is temporary till they get a final up, the final video will be posted at the same url. So feel free to add Capped.TV for cdak

added on the 2010-09-05 01:41:30 by micksam7 micksam7
in times of "tabbed browsing" links provide [on pouet.net] should open in another tab in the actual browser, since there is some good variation.
this simple "problem" seems to be easily fix-able?

would be great to get some response on this problem.

added on the 2010-09-05 03:14:42 by gentleman gentleman
Oh, also for this, it should be marked as an entry into the PC demo compo at sundown 2010. I thought i selected that, but it has no party on the prod page.
added on the 2010-09-05 07:48:49 by xeron xeron
Also also, why doesn't Sundown 2010 show up on the latest parties table?
added on the 2010-09-05 08:26:01 by xeron xeron
Nfo for this is here
Final download link hosted at scene.org is here.
added on the 2010-09-05 12:23:07 by noname noname
The prod for this is now located here - please could somebody change it for us? Thanks!
One request:

Please always keep the capture in the original aspect ratio! Stretching a 4:3 picture to 16:9 should be considered forbidden, since it distorts the work of art in a way it was not ment to be seen. Someone who watches it and does not know the original demo could get a wrong impression of the quality of the demo.
added on the 2010-09-05 13:15:52 by Salinga Salinga
Salinga: that's wrong indeed. If some got posted here, please tell us and we will remove them.

(haven't fixed the requests yet, will do soon)
added on the 2010-09-05 13:43:59 by keops keops
Some update requests for good old Eufrosyne productions:

Disco Volante
-Add capped.tv link: http://capped.tv/eufrosyne-disco_volante
-Better screenshot: http://www.byterapers.com/suckho/demoskene/disco03.png

-Add capped.tv link: http://capped.tv/eufrosyne-blind
-Edit scene.org and download links to point to the final version (frs_blfn.zip):
-Better screenshot: http://www.byterapers.com/suckho/demoskene/blind03.png

-Add capped.tv link: http://capped.tv/eufrosyne-tone

Gabba Gabba Hey
-Add capped.tv link: http://capped.tv/eufrosyne-gabba_gabba_hey
-Release month: January 1997
-Better screenshot: http://www.byterapers.com/suckho/demoskene/gabba02.png

Time Zone +13:00
-Add capped.tv link: http://capped.tv/eufrosyne-time_zone_1300

-Add capped.tv link: http://capped.tv/eufrosyne-transformers
-Better screenshot: http://www.byterapers.com/suckho/demoskene/trans07.png


-Suckho / (B) ^ Eufrosyne

added on the 2010-09-05 17:33:05 by suckho suckho
added on the 2010-09-05 19:53:04 by Jakim Jakim
Salinga: that's wrong indeed. If some got posted here, please tell us and we will remove them.

I would check the Mike3D captures first, they don't look right regarding the aspect ratio to me.
added on the 2010-09-05 21:48:44 by Salinga Salinga
Hello dear gloperator,

Please could you fix Deathst4r's handle in the Sundown results, he's incorrectly written as Darkstar (1st place new school graphics compo)

Many thanks,
added on the 2010-09-05 22:16:04 by alk alk
Actually is Deathstar, not Deathst4r not Darkstar!

Thanks in Advance!
added on the 2010-09-05 22:21:45 by dstar dstar
Also, zalza's track in the oldschool is "In the shade", not "Shade"! Thanks in advance :-)
added on the 2010-09-05 22:36:05 by alk alk
youtube for this is here.
added on the 2010-09-05 23:31:02 by hfr hfr
All fixed.

Sundown results: give us an url with the proper file, we will replace the old one ;)

Mike 3D: all your youtube videos have the wrong aspect ratio and ruin the original demos, they won't be added, sorry.

Gentleman: your response is called "middle click".
added on the 2010-09-06 13:39:35 by keops keops
fake: http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=55789

please, also remove my erroneous post relating to that one here:

added on the 2010-09-07 09:26:29 by mueslee mueslee
This one is also fake.
added on the 2010-09-07 09:34:44 by LiraNuna LiraNuna