Load IFF pictures on RSI DMM + Tutorial about making demos on RSI DMM

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It is possible to load IFF Deluxe Paint Pictures on RSI Demomaker, and Where's the tutorial about making demos on RSI Demomaker??
holy cow, that was already old when i _joined_ the scene nearly 20 years ago.
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I guess you should ask Baudsurfer; he is the right guy to ask for those kinds of questions!
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Nope, i think you need to convert it to RAW yourself first, then you can include the bitmap in the Demomaker.
There´s plenty of converters to be found in the web.
Back in time i used this one a lot:
IFF Converter by Metallion/Kefrens
"Depth" would be the number of Bitplanes used btw...
1 Bitplane = 2 Colors, 2=4, 3=8,4=16,5=32(,etc)
The Color-Information could be saved with some Converters...either as a separate data-file or appended to the start or end of the RAW image (bitmap)...i have no idea how RSI Demomaker handled it though...just read the manual i guess! ;)
Quick, someone make a YouTube tutorial series for this guy!
This tool came with a printed manual. You could try getting it from ebay.

There is also some short doc at classic amiga and a list of available disks at amiga.org
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Haha, you were right, there´s sth @ ebay right now, it says following on the diskcover:
"RSI´s Demomaker on the Disk and taken apart in the mag"

RSI Demomaker @ebay

Pages a008-a010 have the mentioned Text: (just click on the pages for zooming)
CU AMiga October 1991 Supplement
Not that the Text would help at all, haha. It´s just using the standard content that came with the Demomaker itself.
Seems the original Manual won´t help you too much...seems to have been in German language only! (unless you understand german of course)
How can I make a musicdisk on RSI Demo Maker??
You can't.
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@BartSimpsonFan: feel free to contact me if you need a simple musicdisk.
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It is possible to load IFF Deluxe Paint Pictures on RSI Demomaker

Yes, if it has the right size and amount of colors. I tried loading a little logo and big logo in iff format with size and colors according to the list below and it worked.
I took the list from the review in Datormagazin 22/91 and hopefully it was correct and I didn't add any errors.


BigLogo - Four bitplanes (16 colors) 320 * 158 pixels
LittleLogo - Four bitplanes (16 colors) 320 * 54 pixels
32*32 pixels font- Four bitplanes (16 colors) 320 * 192 pixels
16*16 pixels font- Three bitplanes (8 colors) 320 * 48 pixels
16*16 pixels 1 bpl font- One bitplane (2 colors) 320 * 48 pixels
8*8 pixels font- Three bitplanes (8 colors) 320 * 16 pixels
Sprite object - Two bitplanes (4 colors) 48 * 9 pixels
Star bobs - Two bitplanes (4 colors) 128 * 15 pixels
Vector bob graphics - Four bitplanes (16 colors) 320 * 64 pixels
Bob effect graphics - Three bitplanes (8 colors) 160 * 16 pixels
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Where's the Youtube tutorial of RSI Demomaker??
I don't think YouTube existed at the time.
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Funny how this obvious trolling turns into some useful thread for someone looking for informations in the future, haha.
Imagine someone in the year 2342 trying to recherche about the demoscene. This human would may find the information about youtube not having been invented when RSI Demomaker was released useful, haha!
hollowman: now that you recherched that i started to remember a bit better aswell. Seems Delta put IFF in there, yes! The original manual had those informations aswell...i even remember again me pixeling some new Bobs and small Logos at Age of 11 ! And they worked without any converting on my side.
please excuse my sunday night drunkenness which actually explains my overly active countertrolling trolling regarding all this le thread.

the rsi demo maker was actually quite fun. do we have a creation filter here yet? (like: show all le demo which was the le made with le rsi demomaker -exclude: actual rsi demos -include /onlylegit
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the rsi demo maker was actually quite fun. do we have a creation filter here yet? (like: show all le demo which was the le made with le rsi demomaker -exclude: actual rsi demos -include /onlylegit

You could check here: http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/release.php?id=71328
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It is possible to copy Amiga demos on souce codes???
on ASM One?
No, this only works with Devpac of course!!
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And you must internet it first.
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and then, decrunch while loading