20 years of evoke | 18th to 20th of August 2017 | Cologne, Germany

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I had prepared all masks beforehand, ready to click 5 times...
...then my Internet died at 21:55 until 22:10. ;)
My Internet died the last time around 2-3 years ago and was back after 2-3 minutes. ;)
I had chatted about the 20 tickets on facebook an hour before!
So thanks to whoever made my internet go down just right then: F U, Idiot!
Luckily Evoke is worth the full price for sure! :) Just that i am broke once again and even this small amount of money would have helped! :/
### bought, xTr1m dancing ###
added on the 2017-06-09 10:24:55 by xTr1m xTr1m
Hotel booked, tickets may be paid as pre-tickets or on the day, but I'm sure Evoke 20 will be a blast, as per normal :)
added on the 2017-06-09 23:34:10 by Felice Felice
20 years Evoke Bitjam Podcast special http://files.exotica.org.uk/?file=/bitfellas/podcast/bitjam_215.mp3


Episode #215 – The best demo soundtracks from 20 years of Evoke

Just released

finally we created the colors for the pixel graphics compo!

BB Image

check out the rules here: http://evoke.eu/2016/competitions/

see you at evoke!
added on the 2017-07-06 18:38:03 by pandur pandur
and these are the colors

BB Image

added on the 2017-07-06 18:42:20 by pandur pandur
and the correct 2017 rules link is this one: https://www.evoke.eu/2017/competitions/
added on the 2017-07-06 18:48:04 by pandur pandur
tracking music compo rules coming VERY soon, within the next days.
added on the 2017-07-06 19:22:10 by dipswitch dipswitch
I'll be keeping track of this thread!
Get to know the people behind Evoke a little better: some organizers were interviewed. A new interview will get released each day. Bookmark https://www.evoke.eu/2017/interviews/ and visit often!
added on the 2017-07-11 09:03:10 by poti poti
tracking music compo rules coming VERY soon, within the next days.

Could you please restore the one-sample-tracked-music-compo to it's former glory?
added on the 2017-07-12 10:29:30 by numtek numtek
Hotel: [x] booked.

Could you please restore the one-sample-tracked-music-compo to it's former glory?

I want a zero-sample-compo. :)

And if there isnt a one-sample-compo you could make it a fast-compo.
added on the 2017-07-12 11:19:18 by gaspode gaspode
Could you please restore the one-sample-tracked-music-compo to it's former glory?

This! Also make this the sample!
added on the 2017-07-12 11:57:36 by okkie okkie
Two sample compo!
blood sample compo!
added on the 2017-07-12 13:53:45 by v3nom v3nom
Best sample would be "Well done, Kevin."
added on the 2017-07-12 14:10:47 by gaspode gaspode
stool sample compo?
added on the 2017-07-12 14:25:18 by moqui moqui
representative sample compo
added on the 2017-07-12 14:43:43 by Gargaj Gargaj
1., have participants sit down (in 3-ppl batches) at 3 computers

2., give participants a microphone, one for each. tell them the stuff they record, they gotta work with that

3., say you record now, they all got 15 seconds to record various noises. singing, beatbox, screams, weird noises, anything goes

4., when done, tell them it was just a test, Now they record for real. you will get stupider and more pissed-off recordings

5., when done, hit them with the fact they were recording their own stupid voice for other people to work with (#1 records for #2, #2 records for #3, #3 records for #1)

6., they got 5 minutes in the DAW of their choice to chop up the recording and name the samples, edit loop points if necessary

7., plug speakers/headphones out and they have to make a song Completely deaf for 1 hour. (hello good ol' hungarian Beethoven compos)

8., in the last 10 minutes, tell the participants they have to switch computers and 'finish' an other person's song. yes, without any of them hearing Anything from them.

9., hilarity ensues at compotime
10., make sure noone of the participants read this thread
added on the 2017-07-12 15:27:02 by LiSU^TRS LiSU^TRS
who the hell reads these anyway?
have a continuous music loop playing.
take out a midi synth on stage and have musicians play a solo on them. each guy gets 1 minute.

have a gfy compo, paint only. curveball: you can use the rectangle tool only.

ask me for more sadism
*gfx compo. but gfy can be interesting too
"Sing your own sample compo"

The musicians all get the same song data but no samples at all. They then get 5 minutes to record samples with some 99p earbuds as microphone, and include them in the song, all without listening of course. Finally, all tracks are put on repeat and played simultaneously for at least 8 hours to a single volunteer juror (nagz) who has been locked in a soundproofed dixie toilet at least 50km outside Cologne.
added on the 2017-07-12 15:57:09 by havoc havoc
what color is the toilet?