RetroKomp / LOAD ERROR 2017 Party (20-22.10.2017, Gdansk, Poland)

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RK/LE is an oldskool party, with scene compos for 8-bit and Amiga only, all run from the real hardware. What is quite interesting about this party is that we have combined compos for all 8-bit platfroms and separeted for Amiga only. Apart from traditional music and graphics compos, this year we will divide competing Amiga executables into „Smaller” and „Bigger Amiga Exe”, just to make the competition more fair for the participants. We also keep our tradition of handing out tasty “Zubrowka” bottles (bison grass flavored vodka) to those who will attend the party and compete in our Amiga Exe compos.

We also plan another edition of our „RetroKomp GameDev Compo”, with entries for all retro-platforms from all over the world.

This is the official party info thread. We'll be posting all the updates here and on our web page: http://retrokomp.org/?page_id=1610&lang=en_US (find all compo rules there).
If you have any questions concerning RK/LE2017, don't hesitate to mail us at: retrokomp@gmail.com.

Hope to see you at RK/LE 2017!

Some city views: click
The Airport: click
A small RK/LE Invitation (A500): pouet

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The first HW prizes for winners of RK/LE'17 compos has arrived!

Drygol/Lamers^RKLE Team^retro-cloud.eu sponsored a pack of cool HW prizes for our compo particitpants. So take a look what you can win:

* Commodore 64 ver.C (fully refubished), equipped with multikernal standard/JiffyDos and internal emulator SD2IEC with SD card.
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* multifunctional cart Easy Flash ver.3, for C64/C128 computers
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* external SD2IEC device, powered from mini USB plug, including serial DIN IEC plug. This emulator is designed to read files and disk images for C64/128 and C264 computers family (C16,C116, C+4)
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For more information about Dryggol’s works please check:retrohax.net and retro-cloud.eu.
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RK/LE 2017: Cash prizes in scene compos!

Today we can reveal a forecast for RK/LE'17 cash prizes in our Scene Compos. Please note, that payments of prizes are subject to certain accounting rules, which are described at www.retrokomp.org and we are inviting our compo participants to get familiar them. Providing an entry for a compo automatically means that you accept these rules. The amounts blow are given in the official Polish currency (PLN), in order of: #1/#2/#3 (1 EUR is approx. 4.3 PLN)

8. TRUE WILD COMPETITION - 250/150/100 (PLN)

In total, the prize pool in our 8 competitions is 7000 PLN (1628 EUR). Please note, that the previous edition rules apply. In short - if there are less than 4 (four) entries in the contest, only the first place prize is paid. Collection of prizes is only possible at the venue, upon receipt (refer to the description of contest rules). If you are sending a remote entry, you may ask someone visiting the party to be your representative, but you need to provide a statement with details of such person (including first & last name, some document details) together with the entry. As the scene Orgas, we can't send or transfer any money to anyone (sponsor's requirement).

In the RETROKOMP GAME-DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION, only the material prizes are planned, supplied traditionally by irreplaceable Lotharek, Adam Zalepa and other sponsors supporting the event.

We warmly invite you to participate in all competitions, good luck! :)

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Expected entry prices (tickets!)

All tickets will be available directly at the entrance to the event at SM GAK. There are 3 options:

1. 3 day pass (Friday, 9:00 AM – Sunday, 2:00 PM) – 90 PLN
2. Exhibitor* 3 day pass (Friday, 9:00 AM – Sunday, 2:00 PM) – 45 PLN
3. RK Open Hours Visitor (Saturday only, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM) – 5 PLN

(*) Exhibitor is a person who brings at least 3 stationary retro computers or retro consoles, of which at least one set should include a monitor/TV, be able to run and be available to participants (portable computers/consoles do not count).

Participants will be identified by the appropriate IDs and/or band
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Another material prize!

Our friends from RetroLab.pl declared another material prize for our compo winners: MSSIAH Cart + PCB SID2SID.

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For more details about this prize, please chceck: http://www.mssiah.com/features.php

Thank you RetroLab.pl!
added on the 2017-09-19 18:34:42 by sachy sachy
I'll be there! With a release or two, as it's not nice to come to party emptyhanded ;)
added on the 2017-09-27 09:23:59 by jazzcat jazzcat
The RK/LE Team is pleased to announce fresh new prizes for winners of our compos.

As usual, the main prizes for top 3 games of the RetroKomp GameDev Compo were sponsored by Lotharek:

1. Hydra - http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=171
2. DivIDE 2k14 for ZX Spectrum - http://lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=128
3. HXC FDD emulator - http://lotharek.pl/category.php?kid=7

Additionaly, A Wicher 500i Turbocard for Amiga 500 was donated by its designer Spidi (https://retro.7-bit.pl/?lang=pl&go=projekty&name=wicher500i).

Another expansion for Amiga 500, Protein turbocard with RAM SIMM and IDE->CF adapter was donated by our RK/LE Team buddy - Cichy a.k.a. Raybeez.

Users of Amigas with PCMCIA ports should be happy to find a Wi-Fi card, donated by Sir Lucas amongst the prizes.
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Official video-invitation and timetable of RK/LE'17

We are happy to share with you - an official video-invite by Pixel Nation & Ghostown!

Richard Glitchard invites everyone!

RK/LE 2017: Timetable

20.10.2017 (Friday)
09:00 Doors open
17:00 Amiga NG in practice
19:00 Let's talk about polish games
21:00 Documentary film about polish demoscene "The Art of Overpassing"
22:00 Concert: KATOD!

21.10.2017 (Saturday)
10:00 RetroKomp part open
11:00 Past and present text games for Atari
12:00 «Joystick Crushers» compo start (till 16:00)
12:30 A2 publishing planes 14:00 RK GameDev Compo!
15:00 (DEADLINE for all compos)
17:00 Results and prize-giving of the «Joystick Crushers» compo
17:10 «The founders of the Atari scene in PL», discussion panel with Jakub Husak and Pirx/Our5oft
19:00 RK GameDev Compo results, «RetroKomp Star Award 2017» ceremony
20:00 CompoBlock: 8bit & Amiga
23:xx (after compos) Concert: Motion Ride!

22.10.2017 (Sunday)
10:00 Prize-giving
11:00 Evolution of Musical Modules from 8-bit, through Amiga, until today (NG)
13:00 Doors close
added on the 2017-10-09 19:02:00 by sachy sachy
ohh.. guys, attention! Less than 3 days to go... deadline is gonna be on saturday. Hope some ppl got the prod ready.. ;)
added on the 2017-10-18 21:54:50 by kwe kwe
Some sweet ass prices this year Sachy, i wish i had the time to go. Jazzcat is not alone, expect something from us as well :).
added on the 2017-10-18 23:49:14 by 4pLaY 4pLaY
Yeah, as kwe said, bring on the prods, folks!
(too bad I cannot join :')
added on the 2017-10-18 23:50:34 by fra fra
Hi all,

Thanks a lot for all your support and participation . We just published the final results and currently we are uploading the stuff.

added on the 2017-10-23 20:46:50 by sachy sachy
Yeahh very nice releases, just missing the intros for the Amiga compo now ..
added on the 2017-10-25 15:55:36 by kRiZ^cMz kRiZ^cMz
That's some pretty badass ASCII in the results text, btw. :) Some nice HW prizes too.
added on the 2017-10-25 15:59:33 by phoenix phoenix
Patience please. Working on it...
We have not forgotten you =).

Thank you for your kind words.
added on the 2017-10-25 19:28:28 by sim sim
Here is my video of the Amiga exe compos, both small and big. "[..] I tried to capture the compo atmosphere with a wider viewing angle and by having the audience reactions in the sound. Loading times are preserved, but I cut out change-over times and quite a few reboots.

Special thanks to Tygrys for lending me his SD card when it was most needed (Altair's and our demo approaching and my card was full). There are also a few of intro shots from last minute hotel fixes on two releases (Richie on the Moon, and Beam Riders), and a small slideshow at the end. Enjoy!"
added on the 2017-10-26 11:21:34 by noname noname
@noname: Awesome party report! Thank you.
added on the 2017-10-26 11:25:29 by ham ham
You are welcome :)
added on the 2017-10-26 11:27:52 by noname noname
@sim Thx and big respect !!
added on the 2017-10-26 13:53:25 by kRiZ^cMz kRiZ^cMz
But how long does it take to upload some intros ? You can add it to pouet later..
added on the 2017-10-29 16:40:43 by kRiZ^cMz kRiZ^cMz
Hello! Which intros you are referring to?
Some stuff is still being kept between the hands of developpers for the final corrections, and should be handed to us/me soon.
added on the 2017-10-29 18:50:19 by sim sim
@Sim: I am thinking about the rest of the Amiga intros, do groups really have this option on a party ? Then its a chance we will never see them... That is why some releases are "party version" and some final after.. Most Final releases never happens IMHO...
added on the 2017-11-01 20:58:23 by kRiZ^cMz kRiZ^cMz
AfaIk, the RK/LE were kindly asked to give few exceptions, let me call it a serious "post-party-improvment" option to the competitors.
Trust me, they DO work on bug-fixing now and according to the compo-rule the orgas had - they have some time to do so.
I understand you, but please, be patient. And as perhaps you know - being patient pays ;).
added on the 2017-11-01 21:49:57 by sim sim
@Sim, Allright I try to keep patient, but not easy knowing about these new releases :) !! Best greetz :)
added on the 2017-11-02 14:32:02 by kRiZ^cMz kRiZ^cMz
@ kriz:
I will tell you something I have not mentionned yet - I have not seen these production neither. So it is kinda "guarant" that they will pop up soon =).
Thank you for your understanding.
added on the 2017-11-02 14:44:37 by sim sim