Demoscene Outreach @ Digital Territory, 2019-10-11+12+13, Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm, Germany

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Hello together,

I kindly would like to invite you to a new Demoscene outreach event hosted by the Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein with contributions from Extend, Haujobb and Still ...


Digital Territory
Fri. 2019-10-11 - Sun. 2019-10-13
Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein
Kunsthalle Pfaffenhofen & Echtland / Neue Schmiede

Fri. 2019-10-11

6:00 PM - Opening & Vernissage of the exhibition "Disc Cover of the Commodore-64 Demoscene"
Remark: This is the exhibition curated by Duce & Electric / Extend for the The Finnish Museum of Games in Tampere.
8:00 PM - Demoscene Short Film Programme Part 1

Sat. 2019-10-12

3:00 PM - Workshop Fantasy-Plattform "Pico-8" - Basic Methods of Demo Development - Tobias Heim (XXX/Haujobb) ... Registration: workshop[at]pautze.de
3:00 - 8:00 PM - Exhibition "Disc Cover of the Commodore-64 Demoscene"
7:00 PM - The Quirks of the Demoscene – a lecture by Thomas Mann (Pixtur/Still)
8:00 PM - Demoscene Short Film Programme Part 2
9:00 PM - WAKE – Audiovisual Live Session / Performance

Sun. 2019-10-13

3:00 - 8:00 PM - Exhibition "Disc Cover of the Commodore-64 Demoscene"

Kunsthalle Pfaffenhofen, Ambergerweg 2, 85276 Pfaffenhofen, Germany

The complete programme is available here (in German only, sorry):
http://www.kunstverein-pfaffenhofen.de/vorschau/vorschau-details/datum/2019/08/12/di gital-territory-grosses-kino-der-digitalen-kunst.html

Neuer Pfaffenhofener Kunstverein in der Kunsthalle
Amberger Weg 2
85276 Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm


I would like to thank Annikras, DKEV, Duce/Extend, Electric/Extend, Lucid/Still, Outi (from Finnish Museum of Games), Pixtur/Still, XXX/Haujobb for their contributions and all groups which granted screening permission of their demos!
If you live near or around Munich I would be happy if you would drop by.

Best ...


P.S.: ... and yes, the names pate for the event is a demo from Prismbeings ... :-)

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So ... today is THE day.
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I was there and it was amazing.
Thanks Felidae for organizing this whole thing!
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