Vovoozoola, the most underrated device?

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call it eye candy, bored sofascener action, I will take care
here I have an ultimate tutorial to healthy lungs within thirty minutes,
or three days for heavy smokers, to be a nature compatible being

- please breath into (and out of) your belly underside, instead of only the shoulders
- share, find, or cut away a part of the next High Temperature PVC-Tube in sight, L = ~130cm, Ø = ~5cm
- grab your natural candle wax or share, find or take away parafin candles until the bees came back
- melt, not burn, the wax in a slim pot (ask you mom and dad how to do it, they will help you)
- dip in the better finished cut side and spin it, take it off and spin the tube like a glass blower spins hot glass until the wax is viscous
- repeat (long dips means melting wax off)
- hint: you can cut and modulate warm wax by hand
- design your mouth side (needing two try-outs is usual to learn how to do it, you will know what I mean)
- start using your new device until you can hear the test tones without hasty breathes (feel belly and shoulders)
- don't overdoze
- texture the tubes outside (multi sense alert)

For my Vovoozoola's mouth side I made a clear knife cut on the topside but I have also seen mouth sides modulated all by hand so it's up to your phenotype.

Playing around with a digiredoo is always fun. Smokers lungs will enjoy it. (hint: do not swallow)

Virus or not. This is a personal device. Do not share, find, tap or use it without thinking clever!
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I have a didgeridoo, not for my lungs, but the breathing and drone is very soothing to your body