Support research vs. corona by donating computation time to Folding@home?

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dex: lol! i can understand someone who first hears about the project being skeptic of the CPU+GPU power actually helping research and/or if that research will actually be useful in an immediate form (it most probably won't). you could have read up on the project itself and educate yourself a bit more on who is behind it and what they're working on (it's not just corona). and if you don't think the project is worth your extra CPU+GPU you can always just ignore it, or go back to letting it idle, or mining cryptocurrency, or whatever. no one is forcing you to use it or believe in it, we're just mentioning it's out there and people can contribute if they want. but clearly it's much easier for you to just be an ass and insult other peoples beliefs. projecting your frustrations about the pandemic much?
added on the 2020-03-24 06:59:11 by psenough psenough
wysiwtf: it might not solve anything in immediate terms, but it'll still likely help research going forward. if you don't want to waste your CPU+GPU on it, you're in your right, don't bother with it.
added on the 2020-03-24 07:02:47 by psenough psenough
Team Ranking 2.827 of 243.946 !

Date of last work unit 2020-03-27 07:06:55
Active CPUs within 50 days 105
Team Id 238966
Grand Score 13,143,697
Work Unit Count 736
Team Ranking 2827 of 243946
added on the 2020-03-27 08:13:27 by _docd _docd
Let's hit the top 1k then. I wanted to buy AMD hardware anyways for being able to fix the crashes in our shaders on gargaj's hardware *g
added on the 2020-03-27 16:28:28 by NR4 NR4
Withdrawing my support. Here's why:

The ongoing bioweapons cold war between superpowers is yet again a game that can have no winners. I am opposed to further fan that fire with my teraflops. F@H compute is not a peanut, it has reached exascale.

The upcoming 2 exaflops El Capitan machine is intended primarily for what? Yes, weapons research with the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration).

Meanwhile, they try to break end-to-end encryption once more with the EARN IT act.

Just my two cents. You must do what you think is right, of course.

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Ima use my CPU to mine minecraft blocks
added on the 2020-03-28 12:52:40 by Optimus Optimus
here is my production of 3d printed face shields, already 200 dispatched around my town to local hospital, liberal nurses, etc...
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added on the 2020-04-15 11:48:28 by Xyl2k Xyl2k
what are liberal nurses?
added on the 2020-04-15 15:15:36 by rutra80 rutra80
private sector nurse or independent nurse, not sure how do you says that properly.
added on the 2020-04-15 15:44:33 by Xyl2k Xyl2k
Team deinetickets.de stats tell me, we are now on rank 1713 of 250579 and hit the 50 M points!
Nice =) thanks for all your effort. This is cool :)
added on the 2020-04-15 16:24:29 by NR4 NR4