Experience 2020 Online Edition - 28th November 2020

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Hello all,

Experience 2020 Online Edition - Demoshow & Compo
the last Hungarian demoscene event of the year
28th November 2020, 16:00-19:00 CET

Details here, 2020.demoexperience.hu.

Long Version:

On the Hungarian scene, traditionally the last major event of the year is the Experience demoshow and compo, which usually takes place in late November or early December. It's organized by some former and current Function organizers & friends, and it's also an event for the Hungarian demoscene outreach. Basically we encourage sceners to invite their colleagues and friends who might be interested, because the best demos of the given year are shown on a big screen with proper audio, and one can meet the people who make the best demos on the Hungarian scene. And it only takes an evening, so even people busy with their families can more likely afford a visit, especially as there is no entrance fee. It's probably also less intimidating for newcomers than visiting a full-on demoparty. It's a very chill event overall with a familiar atmosphere. Usually it has up to 100-ish visitors, sometimes less, sometimes more.

It started as a pure demoshow in 2009 (replacing an earlier annual demoshow series called Resource), but a single combined democompo was added after a few years. First this compo was aimed for "my entry missed the Function deadline" kinda productions, but it quickly gathered some popularity, and people started making entries directly for the Experience compo.

But, given the pandemic situation got a lot worse in Hungary since Function, there is no chance Experience can take place offline this year. And Experience has been the most offline of offline events possible - there wasn't even a partynet, or anything: you hand over your release to the compo orga on an USB drive or similar, usually just before the compo, and after a quick test, it goes directly on the big screen.

But this time, we decided to bring Experience online.

So there will be a two hour demo-stream, with a friendly chat and banter between demos, followed by the usual combined democompo with the prizegiving scheduled right after it. Remote entries will be accepted, remote voting will be possible. Well yeah, we have to build the infrastructure for this even if we want to target local audience, so why not open it up to everyone? :) So now you can get a small peek into this previously almost exclusively Hungarian demoscene event. We hope you'll enjoy it, and maybe even contribute. (Yes, we'll try to keep the stream commentary in English. No promises though, so start getting lessons... :D)

See more information on the link above. If you have questions, feel free to reach out, or ask here.
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