your best party memory

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did i mention Maali falling out of the boat?

[may i add that somehow i ended up in the sauna of the finnish neighbours and saw a few nice naked finnish gurlz in front of me [kinda made me realize i was in the wrong sauna, there are no nice naked girls (not like THAT) in the demoscene at all] so after telling them what happened to me and that the sauna was too hot for me, i told them 'kthxbye' and went back into the RIGHT door where leia secretly observed me changing clothes!]
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you are a lair, maali ;) -> see my comment on http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=37516
( yup, this is text which is IN_there ;) read and enjoy it aswell ;) )
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if that is a pisspoor advertisement campaign for vandalism #1 you utterly failed, mister c0c00n ;)
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best party_memoiree:

my first party ever: Sun´n´Fun-Conference II ( yes, it was in Hellenthal...to answer someones posting in here! )
i got shitfaced in age of 15 (maybe 14, cant rememeber the month it took place ) and just went straight into the orgas room to make some party with them orgas, which consisted of same-aged young-dudes mostly...no1 complained about me being there, they even let me use one of their computers and let me complain about their tooldisk-code ( which some1 of them handed to me to copy their UNRELEASED demo for the compo ( which won the compo aswell afterwards!) ) ,which i told em suxx against my tooldisk i did for my group-mates !

none of em knew me and evenso none of em asked at any time, they just have been very kewl all the time, helping where not needed at all...i brought the demo-disk to my group-mates back then ( we knew we wouldn´t release anything anyway ) and they kept asking the whole night and trip_back how i managed to....hahaha :)

also the toilets have been a lot of fun coz at some point it was flooded with (piss-)water about 2 centimetres high and when i tried to enter it to get rid of some booze i saw a porn-mag sailing/surfing into some shit-cabin slowly...

i went outside then only to meet some people very coked who bubbled to me all the time while i´ve been pissing next to em, haha...

the pron-mag must have been there because of all the pr0n being shown on the bigscreen...horny geeks all over ;)
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nah, i just dont believe in your finnish_sauna_girls-story ;)
but lets talk about it heads_up on BP then ;) i wanna see what the face of some1 does, if talking :) haha ! ( pokerism is next to peekerism which could also be next to pukerism )
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Noname: That doesn't sound like a "best memory", cause, well, uh.. It rocked seeing it on the big screen, and stuff.. ;)
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I've really got too many party memories, so here's a few of the more bobbing to the top of my brain ones..

1. Most funny (recent): Felice getting amusingly shitfaced at the Alt Party '08 after-party. This was no mean feat as he'd spent many years being teetotal.

2. Most funny (ancient): Symp' 96 and an organizers appeal for help along the lines of the following. "We have a PC with a broken bios, is there a cracker in the party hall who can crack the password please?"(!)

3. Most traumatic: After a generally iffy party experience at Mekka/Symp '02, losing my passport on a badly planned trip to Amsterdam and topping that off by missing the ferry back because we left too little time to get to it.

4. Best party from a demo compo perspective: All of the Error in Line parties at Dresden. Yes, I'm writing from an Atarian perspective.

5. Most epic journey:. Five of us, overland by car to Sillyventure 2000 in Gdansk, from the UK. We fortunately had an overnight stop at Havoc's apartment in Enschede, it was the first time we met Havoc in the flesh. I'm pretty sure we crashed through a Polski police radar speed trap at twice the legal limit but nobody said anything! I'm pleased it wasn't my turn to drive at that point!

6. Best live act: Front 242 at Alt Party 08.

That'll do for now.
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hurray, thread revival! had to read though it again.. and found this:


Anyone 'landlocked' on the North or South American continent - get your ass to a party!

After I've been to more parties I'll have more memories, right now of course I'd just be relating a partyreport of BP03...
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Oh, how long ago that seems..
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This as well, phoenix. ;)

Hm... Haven't really gone to many parties (5 in case), but I think seeing our first demo (YouDie) on the bigscreen was a lifetime experience...
The whole thing felt like the roof was blown off the place...
And after it, everyopne was saying like "YOU FUCKING PSYCHO IDIOTS!" Oooooh yeaaaah... Can't reproduce the feeling... Will try tho' :)
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c0c00n: it really happened! but if you dont believe it... help yourself ;)
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Ok, best moment is of course when winning a compo, followed by seeing the own production on screen. But that's trivial. Here are a couple of nice memories from random parties.

Coma94/World of Commodore (my first party ever): We arrived with our almost finished demo (my first one, don't ask), had an Amiga, but no monitor. Luckily we could persuade a nice local Amiga guy that we really needed _his_ monitor right now to get the demo done. Started coding for the 9 PM deadline and couldn't make it ON TIME(!), so I decided that it's all not worth it and destroyed the master disk out of frustration. Meanwhile one of my friends checked with the organizers and it would have of course been fine to hand it in a bit later. Well, the master disk was gone and couldn't be reconstructed at the party place. Stupid me :)

The Party 4 (my first foreign party): One word: awesome! So big, so many great people and productions. I chatted up Chaos/Sanity who sat frustrated in front of his computer, because apparently his co-coder Pet didn't make it to the party and thus their demo Roots was a bit unfinished. Still got a copy of the demo from him and it even had an original printed label (seems like victory was really well planned and just didn't happen due to back luck). Also got a copy of Nexus 7 from Dr. Jekyll, who appeared out of nothing next to my computer and handed me the disk. Queried him about coding while the disk was running through and finally decided to really start looking into assembly language from now on.

Somewhwere in Holland 95: JCS won his first (?) graphics compo, putting Facet to the second place, and _really_ couldn't believe it. I mean in the truest sense, as he really didn't show any sign of going towards the stage. We finally convinced him that it was no joke and that he should go and get his prize.

Silliconvention 97: Overall a really nice, mainly Atari party. We released our first assembly-coded demo for the Amiga. Chatted with Axis and got carried away over the technical details of setting up a hires-interlace screen, mentioning how not even Azure/Artwork (the top-coder back then) would do it correctly in his demos. Literally while I was mentioning Azure's name, Axis started to giggle without any obvious reasons and told me to turn around, where I saw, of course, Azure, who followed the whole conversation from behind my chair. Hi!

Mekka 99: A dream came true and we won the Amiga demo compo. Biggest, bestest moment ever! Someone, apparently some girl from the US (San Francisco?) took the only picture of that moment, but I never saw it. Hey, anyone actually knows who that girl might have been, please?

Assembly 2000: Hellfire, XXX and me were flying over to Finland. I phoned the airline to find out about baggage and customs regulations. Ok, so they allowed 20 kg per passenger, and you could also import like 20 liters of soft alcohol, e.g. beer. Knowing the absurd prices for alcohol in Finland, we literally filled all our luggage with German beer cans and set off to make instant friends over in Helsinki. Thanks again to Droid for hosting us lot back then, it was really marvellous! Thanks also for providing us with the "magic spell", a Finnish sentence scribbled on a cut-out piece of paper that, when read out loud (and without actually understanding a f*ck), would instantly convice anyone in the immediate vicinity of your true oldschool roots. The spell came in handy at Boozembly, when Kraku of Byterapers tried to diss us Haujobbers as newschool scener. Well, not anymore, after I used the spell. Look at this picture to see how the spell worked on him. ;)
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Fuckign at Hype, fuckign at bp, fuckign at asm, fucking at dh, fucking at cs etc
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maali: piss on you too, you son of a bitch (I may or may not just have gotten home from downtown)

another good (recent) party memory:

kindergarden 08, watching the odd demoshow with the other guys, xerxes completely falling in low with the moose demos :)
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cocoon: actually, maali going into the wrong sauna to dry up is true.. him staying longer than 10 seconds may not be though..
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it just sounded like "wrong bragging", haha...sorry maali then ! i owe you some beers @BP ;)
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With darklite present. All parties are "Best Party moment"

(Talking about the original darklite, not us new lamers joining the last year :)
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