your best party memory

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ah, yes, I remember britelite winning everything :)
I think abyss also said something like "haven't we met on the stage already today ?"
last assembly with seperate compos for amiga and c64 :(
just to tell you that travels to parties are also part of the adventure: it started off with airport security dudes making alot of trouble with our laptops (in germany, finnish security dudes seem to be used to it ;) and then of course the long time we needed to convince the plane personel that the laptops _won't_ make the plane crash =)) (obviously, they didn't)
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the most weird memory is probably from ms 1999 (?) the year when we released void1, which was probably the only serious 4k coded entirely in partytime. after coding for 48h straight pure asm coding we (me + franky) were freaking dead and only seeing opcodes, decided to can it and go to sleep. both of us could only sleep around 2h and then went back to code. and finally we got the thing released :) that was probably the most intense "coding can be a drug" thing i ever got on a party.
added on the 2002-04-15 10:20:16 by shiva shiva
My strangest party was MS00. I spend the friday boozing with some ppl outside and woke up saturday morning with a raving headache and my glasses broke. Stll I don't really remember what had happened but seeing the rest of the party though the "spider-web-view" of the broken glasses was quite an experience. Especially coding or driving home. This counts for good and bad I guess.

Another cool party was the "Picknicker 99", a small local party we organized. As more and more ppl came we needed to get electricity from the neighbours (without them noticing of course ;) with a long cable across the garden to get power for everybody. Also, at night some ppl decided to have a bbq in the kitchen at night or prove that sugar really DOES kick by drinking a dozen bottles of Fanta (while being drunk that is).
added on the 2002-04-15 11:26:09 by Delax Delax
The real session 3, a VERY small demoparty in Eisenhüttenstadt/Germany (about 20 scener, including the guys from the local computer club who organised this meeting, I guess there were more orgas than (scene) visitors!) was my first party experience. Although there was no entrace fee, we had a nice location, a pretty big bigscreen, internet, and even prices for the compo winners. And WHAT prices: DVDs, books, mobile phones, a coffee-machine(!)...
Well, we won almost everything since there wasn't much competition. I gave away the coffee-machine and the DVD to mados, because the DVD was useless for me (AND it was his favourite movie) and he really needed a new coffe-machine. :)
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ms2k2: beer for mfx by farb-rausch will truely be remembered for a long, long time... ;)
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Hahaha! This is the best thread I would wonna read in pouet. All stories are so nice and funny, continue sharing party experiences pleaz :)

It's a pitty I can't share you any special yet, since I have visited only one demoparty lately (Which was still great experience for me, since it was the first time for me..). We are all expecting for ReAct now though, it feels that it will be really great party (I hope). I would love if I could travel oneday outside greek in foreign demoparties..


added on the 2002-04-15 14:29:25 by Optimus Optimus
talking about party coding the most intense experience for me was at asm2k finalizing our oldskool demo about 3 minutes before the deadline and then ZEPO release system being down :) luckily asm orgas still knew how to use a floppy and I handed it in that way.
and one shouldn't forget TUM '99. real undaground style in an old industrial hall. the first night we slept in the car (in december). I think I never felt that bad after waking up (what was to expect after lying really uncomfortable)
added on the 2002-04-15 14:34:33 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
aw! really nice thread. my contribution.

BCNParty 2001 - "The Kukka Moment" in Bacelona's underground. Most party attendants running wild, drunk, ala Kukka / Fuzzion in Barcelona's tube. That was one hell of a laugh and a free ride too. You should have seen the faces of the local people.

Satellite Party 1999 in Poland - Getting shitfaced with cheap vodka, friendly polish people. Seeing the Ozone and Network guys entering the party hall making it the largest spanish invassion in a Polish party ever. People dancing to modules in that party. Gosh! Polish parties are VERY cool.

The hotel at which we stayed which was a local hive of prostitutes.

At Satellite I met a drunk guy that uttered these words of wisdom: "Look I tried to code once, but compared to our Polish demoscene Gods I was shit, so I just come to parties to get drunk with my idols". So true, so simple, so honest so beautifully put in words.

Meeting the only american at Wired 98. Hi kneebiter/threesome! :) Meeting darkness/imphobia at Euskal 4.

And of course all kinds of weird experiences at any of last four years Mekka. Experiences that I was too drunk to recollect but of which I have trippy pictures.

Sleeping over at real ice's place in Hannover after mekka and getting stoned to the point of being able to understand German in just one night.

Me and some guys from Centolos. Being stuck in Hannover after Mekka with no way or means to go back to Amsterdam, because we ran out of cash, and ATMs wouldn't accept our cards. We got to the station one day late. The helplessness feeling of being in Hannover's INTERNATIONAL (dig it) train station where nobody seems to speak anything but German (that was a few years before the expo, it's better now). The urge to beg for money to passersby to get what was left for a train ticket. When finally Reboot/Incognita saved the day by lending us money.

But definetly the parties I remember with more fondness are BCNParty and Satellite.
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kneebiter had the laptop filled with stickers of the countries it had been through hehe. and it did look as cool as it sounds :D
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I have hardly any cool party experiences like the one mentioned in here (And we have never a drunken deliriums in parties, I don't know what greek people do with that,. however I like to get drunken whenever I find the opportunity with greek friends and people laughing with me, I know I am crazy ;) with my 0party experience. The best moment on Digital Nexus 2001 for me though, was after I gave my lame Atsou demo, and at least sat down and relaxed with the other guys, watching 8bit demos in 3 PCs through emulators, Alias Medron/Padua showing us C64 demos, Rex/BENG! showing CPC, thinking why can't we do these C64 stuff, Medron just thinking the CPC demoeffects that Rex showed are nothing in front of what C64 coders have done,. anyways. It was the time I released my anxiousness about releasing something in the party, and changed mood, had fun without caring, relaxed, with 8bit blip blips and crappy gfx all over the place :)
added on the 2002-04-16 09:03:44 by Optimus Optimus
I was too stupid to beeing anxious with demoscene, instead of having fun of it. Was it a hobby/a way to escape, or a job?!?

This time I don't care (I hope) if I want release anything, I may release crap or nothing cause I don't have the time to do something good, I will have only fun there, I am preparing for ReAct..
added on the 2002-04-16 09:08:56 by Optimus Optimus
I am bad at memorizing years, so forgive me that.
Scenest 94(5?) listening for 6-8 hours to a guy telling stories, all of them starting with: "...and i don't know how, but we got drunk..." (hungarian original: "és hogy hogy-nem, bebasztunk...")
Cache 94(? something) the first photoshop picture by Kal/Astroidea, the silence of the crowd, and the attempts to convince the organizers, it is not scanned.
Overdoze (5,6?): Watching the Heaven7 preview, and listening to Picard almost being sorry, to show us such a bad stuff while we were searching for our jaws dropped...
MS2002: sitting on the steps before the hall, and watching Poko trying to flirt with a girl while being completely drunken, and speaking half english half hungarian... "Margaretova, Margaretova, can i kiss your hand?" :)
added on the 2002-04-16 09:51:21 by FooLman FooLman
each party is in a way a unique adventure. it's always starting some weeks before when you are flirting with activity, and some hours before when the real trip starts.

some memories:
LTP3 - after party. a dozen of people stayed, without really big reasons, helping the orgas to clean the room and finally spending the whole night having fun and making the party last some more hours. imagine some great scene musicians singing a capella all together. yes and chandra coming back with food for the crowd. alkama sharing his 'pastaga'. unique.
the party itself was awesome too. and so scenish. imagine us arriving with an intro that isn't finished and only a ZIP disk in some pocket. use the microphone and you suddenly sit at some computer with some ZIP disk reader and you can install and finish your dope.

playing all our favourite demos at buenzli 9 was kinda cool too. i simply love annoying the crowd with demos they don't know. the scene isn't the top 5 charts. and when you play some MFX demo with the cow head on the bigscreen, the quaker's sounds suddenly disappear. play some COMA, ORANGE, HALCYON or TPOLM demo, and a kid comes to you asking where he could get that cool stuff. education. :) coming back from that party with 3 sceners (.fi,.pt & .fr) invading my parents' flat was also a funky adventure. instead of sleeping, we started some international boozing program and the week even ended with a demo. watching a demo, having a beer. true? true.

oh well, if i start quoting everything, we would get a book. meeting all those scene legends and unknown guys who definitely are people like you and me is certainly the best overall memory. being a scener means being there. arrogance simply doesn't exist in real parties.
added on the 2002-04-16 10:20:52 by fred fred
best party memories... hums.. I could list all partys i visited where thiesen/keso rocking :)
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was rocking
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Does anyone have anything a *little* more exciting to say about any of the earlier parties ?? ie. The Party 1991 & 1992 .... etc.

My trip to the Dexion party 12/1990 was fun. There I was waiting at Copenhagen railway station with Nightshade , not knowing where we were going or anything. We eventually met up with Jesper Kyd & Nightlite/Kefrens and got to the party place. It was amazing. I had never seen anything on such a scale before. All the parties in England were in such small venues with only a maximum of 50-60 people present. For the first time I realised just how big the scene was! And Celebrandil in his PINK jumpsuit. You had to laugh at that!!

I remember getting really st0ned on some skunkweed-cake that the Dutch guyz bought to TP92. I spent 24 hours under a table , and when I managed to get outside for some fresh air , I got attacked by some guy with a knife and a load of fireworks....scary!
added on the 2002-04-16 17:44:32 by Dan^LeMoN Dan^LeMoN
I reckon it was the party 92 and 93, nearly same story as Dan^LeMoN. but on top of weed, there was a wikkid atmosphere and some great releases.
But i altso had an amazing time at southsealand95 too bad i cant really find any compo stuff realeased from there on the net. =/ .. me and my mate bought 10g marocco, and went outside in the sun and smoked. got in too see some dudes with their crewname written on their asses, do their...uhmm...thing on stage. listened to a fucking amazing tune that Motion^Balance had put together called "monoliner[HARD]" (and im still looking 4 it btw.) ..i could go on, i reckon id been lucky. i have never been at a party disaster more than a few times, and nevertheless i always managed to find something cool within it.
added on the 2002-04-16 23:02:53 by NoahR NoahR
nice: takeover99 grill session, winning mchn at ms2k, when people started clapping along to ein.schlag at ms2k2, synching "resistance" throughout ms2k1 (and almost killing everyone with a not-so-soft blunt), meeting international sceners for the first time at tp98, ... ... ....... plus all of uc4!
added on the 2002-04-16 23:52:50 by wayfinder wayfinder
I must say tg97 is what really got me inspired.. it was my first party ever and I travelled with kalms from gävle if I recall right and hooked up with some bustrip from somewhere.. anyways.. before that party I had never met more than a couple of sceners and I was pretty new to everything and I was suprised how friendly everyone was towards me even though I'd never released anything of value.. met up with lots of nice people at the party and there was this great feeling of belonging to something, sharing something... I remember being high on the feeling for weeks and remembering all the great people and how supporting they were..

added on the 2002-04-17 09:54:32 by violator violator
Hahahaha, Dan under the table at TP92 muttering something about a funny green cake... Great memories, Great cake! :-) The guy with the knife was later seen attacking a small tree while shouting 'Finland Forever'... o_O

The best party I ever went to was at the Quartz'92 party in England. It had a really friendly atmosphere, and the booze was really cheap. The only bad thing that happened was our car radiator exploding, but luckily I won the demo compo so we had funds to get it fixed! ^_^
added on the 2002-04-17 11:16:43 by Paradroid Paradroid
Yeah, great thread.
My experience at Mekka 1999:The last night, a friend of mine (Shade) and I decided to sleep in the forest (you know the forest near the MS party place? It's really really great and lovely!).So we got there and talked till the sun rose (that is about 6:00?), then we thought, it would be alright to get up at 12:00 and go back to the party right on time for price giving. We got up and back at about 12:00. When we arrived back at party place, several swiss guys from the bus were waiting for us, cause party was all over and they wanted to drive back to switzerland but two guys were missing - Shade and me. They were pretty upset - I think they searched for us and nearly called the police to search for us..

Additionally to this, Shade won the second price for a gfx he did on the party place, so someone else got the price for him.

On trip back we buyed some sweets for the whole bus to calm the people down. :-)
added on the 2002-04-17 11:47:46 by phred phred
I have to add something from our 0a000h party this year.
when I arrived back from fetching some equipment, some guys already had built up their computers and were coding. so I welcomed them and asked who they were.
"we're squoquo"
well, and what did I answer ? (spontaneous reaction...)
"what ?!? you're already that old ??"
after some moment of silence we were all laughing our asses off. I never met squoquo before, and I don't know why, I always thought they must be younger than me. really no idea why; but it's often, that you make your picture of someone you didn't meet irl and then you're surprised when seeing him actually (just as I thought that adok/hugi must be something like 24-27 years old, but actually he's younger than me)
added on the 2002-04-17 16:15:18 by styx^hcr styx^hcr
the copenhagen party in 1995 or 1996 was really a blast. me and some friends from my ascii-group (yes) went there by train carrying our 3 PCs in 1 large box, which we hardly could lift. The whole party lasted for a week and everyday we went to the local Netto to buy beers and then straight to the showerroom to booze (since this was the only place the organizers didn't search for beers) - and in the evenings we went to the beach and had fun!

Sad thing is that one of my friends got picked up by the police for hacking, but that's another story for a rainy day.

Oh yeah, and i spilled youghourt on my clothes on the 2nd last day and i had no more clean clothes so i had to walk around smelling of youghurt (being drunk) during the demo-compos (which we won).
ack, it was the copenhagen party 97 :-D

my first demoparty was summer encounter 1995 where i didn't meet anyone important.
Evoke 1998. Watching "Starship Troopers" and drink Beer. (Hansa und Brot). Watching "Handrawn Compos" -> Cows, Exhausts, Alien.
listen good Musik.
It was a small and very coo Party.
added on the 2002-04-17 20:12:46 by diver diver