Just to make things clear

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That one always strikes me as self-contradicting. On the one hand we have this idea that message boards are not the appropriate place to learn things, OK.

So say we find other sources, irc, email and the like and we get one of those people who has answered the same question a bunch of times and is now frustrated enough to use the "fuck off lamer RTFM" replies.

The nice thing about message boards, is how questions can get answered in public, and other people can see them so they do not have to ask the same thing. That convienient feature of the entire meduim, which could very well reduce the amount of reptitive annoying questions that one gets in personal correspondance, is a taboo to take advantage of? I dunno, its kinda like we are shooting ourselves in the foot by not letting ppl figure out stuff through message boards, but hey, if the ancient rules of society are that important then I guess it's meant to be.
added on the 2005-05-07 01:22:33 by UnWorldly UnWorldly
It's not like people hate newbies in general. They just hate the arrogant, annoying, stupid, retarded and ignorant newbies without a clue, and give them the beating they deserve. Just look at how many new members pouet is getting daily, and just how many of them are getting flamed on the boards by the regulars/sceners? The sensible people hang around a bit before they go around making a fool of themselves, and once they produce something, they get either respect or a pat on the back and encouragement to improve their skills.
added on the 2005-05-07 02:06:39 by Preacher Preacher
Rainbow: Said it before, I'll say it again.

pouet != scene && scene != pouet.

Unworldly: ah, but this is not the only scene message board. This is the place where we go to get drunk and not make sense for a bit. If something serious happens in between pummeling each other into submission, KILLER!

Examples of killer stuff that has happened as a result of Pouet: BASS. Ultrasound.
Examples of killer stuff that has happened without Pouet: the scene.

And while it may seem odd to avoid that whole 'instant gratification' thing - well, you know, taking the time to think is just one of those things that some people need to learn after a suitable period of time (:
oh, and chances are if the reaction you have to ps is 'god what an ass' - you're a lamer and will be sat upon. There's only a few people who have the patience he has for being bartender. I am DEFINATELY not one of them.