VOTE: Best game music ever?

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sauli: i think it was this one
added on the 2005-12-29 12:55:56 by Gaia Gaia
Mega Man III.
added on the 2005-12-29 17:15:24 by wb wb
Song 2, Blur!
added on the 2005-12-30 04:49:42 by xernobyl xernobyl

final fantasy 7
omikron: the nomad soul
pinball dreams
added on the 2006-01-05 04:38:26 by monk monk
Cannon Fodder
added on the 2006-01-05 07:26:50 by Manwe Manwe
Dune <3 as Sapiens's tune. Fitted great with the gameplay.
Also I liked the Amiga version of Deflektor (with the voice d-d-d-d-deflektor! pwe'pwe'pwe'pouet!)
Turrican 2 and battle squadron cames in mind easily ;)
added on the 2006-01-05 09:49:39 by moredhel moredhel
I agree with all those Hippel, Hülsbeck & Gustaffson tunes which have already been mentioned.

Have to add:
Hawkeye (C64) - Maniacs of Noise
Wipeout 2097 (PSOne) - Various
added on the 2006-01-05 09:57:06 by noname noname
sauli - project x from team 17

Monkey island 1-2
It came from the desert 1-2
added on the 2006-01-05 11:42:39 by NoahR NoahR

final fantasy series
the dig
monkey island series
spy vs spy
added on the 2006-01-05 13:14:15 by low low
Sub Terrania & Firepower 2000! Wicked games to boot!
Project X
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge 2

I'd vote for Project X.
added on the 2006-01-10 05:01:38 by analogue analogue
the musics in megaman series have always been my favourite. cant pick the best song out of them though..
added on the 2006-01-10 14:56:25 by nosfe nosfe
cammy's theme from super street fighter 2
added on the 2006-01-10 15:21:57 by Sverker Sverker
also the las vegas stage from top gear
added on the 2006-01-10 15:27:33 by Sverker Sverker
ocean loader v2 ;)

robocop 3, first tune
cybernoid 2
sanxion loader
eliminator maintune

castlevania, bloody tears aka level 2 soundtrack

added on the 2006-01-10 15:27:57 by uns3en_ uns3en_
on the c64 side: bionic commando (or led storm ?)
on the amiga side: turrican trilogy (or shadow of the beast ?)
on the gameboy side: tetris
on the famicom side: metroid (or zelda ?)
on the superfamicom side: chrono trigger (or zelda ?)
on the sega saturn side: radiant silvergun
on the ps1 side: vagrant story
on the dreamcast side: skies of arcadia (or ikaruga ?)
on the ps2 side: ico (or katamari damaci ?)
on the gamecube side: windwaker
on the gameboy advance side: ff tactics (or iridion 2 ?)
on the pc side: amok
on the arcade side: space harrier
added on the 2006-01-10 16:31:59 by rez rez
Space Harrier \o/ bionic commando \o/ led storm

rez \o/
added on the 2006-01-10 16:33:29 by keops keops
haa !

keops just remind me THE soundtrack i forgot to mention...


added on the 2006-01-10 16:41:15 by rez rez