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and everything i try to run (cept kirby) will run at full speed (24+ fps)

Is that full speed for you? Many people say PSP is the best, not GCW0 not Pandora, because it's the best for emulation. But they haven't tried the rest. Don't know about PS1/N64 emulators (not many PSP vids, some seem slow, I cannot unlock my PSP to try still, stupid closed thing) but SNES comparisons, GCW0 does the best. So many PSP fanboys state the 233Mhz device is still better at emul than our much faster open handhelds today. Without ever testing. What a joke.

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Oooh yeah. this thread still going strong. Have a great weekend everybody!
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too pouetsters, administers on pouets. i see my old account flouting. you havent integrated into my new one yet. i got a mail from you ages ago and i replied. still no results.
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I made a hymn:

Den tha gineis mainstream, poteeeeeee
Demoseeeeennnn Demoseeee eeee eeen

Den tha gineis mainstream, poteeeeeee
Demoseeeeennnn Demoseeee eeee eeen
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"If the brain were so simple we could understand it,
we would be so simple we couldn't."

I read today this. Haha,. good I like. Also reminds me, when we try to understand the universe it replaces itself with a more complex one, Douglas Adams.

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Haha, so funny replies!


Bob Simon: Did you ever think you would wind up in prison?

Wolfgang Beltracchi: No.

Bob Simon: At what point did you realize, uh-oh, I’m in trouble, this is over?

Wolfgang Beltracchi: When I was in prison.

Bob Simon: Not before then.

Wolfgang Beltracchi: Not really, no.

Bob Simon: Do you think you did anything wrong?

Wolfgang Beltracchi: Yes, I use the wrong titanium white, yeah.

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