Oh shit, it's been already six years ...

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Today minus six years was a very bad day for all of us. It was the day when Elitegroup members died on their trip from Mekka & Symposium to Mallorca. Their private jet was downed by a french terrorists' (F.E.A.) rocket near Lyon.

Don't support terror. Don't support "war on terror" because that's just another form of terror and doesn't combat the causales of terror. And always remember Elitegroup.
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added on the 2006-04-24 00:07:49 by EviL EviL
Damn, 6 years already... I was in Hamburg with the people of Farbrausch in those days and I remember all of them being terribly shocked.
added on the 2006-04-24 00:18:37 by dixan dixan
They were very good.
added on the 2006-04-24 09:57:24 by rp^frstl rp^frstl
Perhaps they were killed because one of their member was called "Mr. United States of America", nah ?
added on the 2006-04-24 10:21:27 by rez rez
How many died? Not the whole group? Did it? :|
added on the 2006-04-24 13:00:54 by xernobyl xernobyl
Only the good dies young.
added on the 2006-04-24 13:37:56 by makc makc
I say "threat of exclusion and death to the unfaithful."
Long live to the holly amry of the french baguette !

added on the 2006-04-24 15:11:06 by nytrik nytrik
they are coding heavenly within the haze of immortality.
added on the 2006-04-24 15:12:27 by rmeht rmeht
we should hold a 6 years memorial online compo in their honour.
added on the 2006-04-24 19:03:04 by psenough psenough
what about coding a demo that runs for six years contiguously without loopping?
added on the 2006-04-24 20:37:50 by rmeht rmeht
Why can't I find any news articles about this?
Lord Graga: Maybe because you suck at the internet. A German news announcement was even remixed and handed in to a competition.
lord graga, it was covered up by CIA!
added on the 2006-04-24 22:40:54 by nosfe nosfe
They have been recycled to ECS and now they are undercover to produce rockets powered by croissants and baguettes.
added on the 2006-04-24 23:44:24 by oxb oxb
afair the people of elitegroup were on their way home from mekka/symposium to hamburg, not mallorca when their plane crashed near lyon. and i doubt that it was 'some french terrorist group' but that's a different story. also the the actual circumstances of the incdent have never been publicly revealed so i don't know where the FEA-rocket rumor comes from. even whether or not any of the groups members survived the crash remains uncertain. the only thing sure is that all remaining members of elitegroup have been on that plane when it left fallingbostel. however, the CIA would be the last organization being interested in 'covering up' anything. so if there ever was an effort to keep things secret it would rather be the french DGSE (though i doubt that) and at least outside france that was clearly unsuccessful as there were tons of articles about the whole incident.
added on the 2006-04-24 23:49:53 by fiver2^fB fiver2^fB
wasnt david hasselhoff the one sole survivor of that plane accident? i remember reading something about that...
added on the 2006-04-25 02:06:10 by psenough psenough
maybe he was coz I saw him on tv today
(trying to do some plastic cirurgy on John Lithgow)
added on the 2006-04-25 02:17:04 by EviL EviL
evil: Third Rock From the Sun? I love that episode! "OH MY GOD! MY GORGEOUS!"
added on the 2006-04-25 03:06:04 by xernobyl xernobyl
yes that's right, absolutly !
IMDB here!!!
added on the 2006-04-25 03:09:14 by EviL EviL
madenmann, thank god frankreich is never über seine grenzen ausgeufert!
added on the 2006-04-28 17:05:22 by rp^frstl rp^frstl
I only know: the official version is not true! maybe tomcat knows more...
added on the 2006-04-28 18:52:41 by marlowe marlowe
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looks like david indeed was on that plane :\
added on the 2006-04-28 19:25:28 by Maali Maali
I hardly can believe it‘s been 18 years now.