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I was glimpsing at the ethipian bible kebra nagast
and seem to remember it mentioned the name Amiga or Amega
could someone enlighten me with regards to this Amiga person and what she did??

also regarding the illustration below for my phd
on the left u will see the building blocks
what other systems are there in parallel to this?? (eg linux)
what is the xbox built on?
when the future system as described is built which will it be and which one might be the one/nearest one we are living in????

sorry i hope this is intellectually stimulating for some

BB Image
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thunderbirds are GO!

just so u know
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yes....wtf cant anyone answer this question?

however i did find out that thunderbirds are go...so well i guess thats a start
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I'm afraid this went over my head but at least I can answear what the Xbox runs on. Wikipedia sez:
Although the Xbox is based on commodity PC hardware and runs a stripped-down version of the Windows 2000 kernel using APIs based largely on DirectX 8.1, it incorporates changes optimized for gaming uses as well as restrictions designed to prevent uses not approved by Microsoft.
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