OMG! This website has it ALL!!!!

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/X will be so dead!

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okkie: you've only just discovered Wikipedia? :o I would have posted the link ages ago if I'd realized ppl were this unaware of it.

It's a fantastic site.
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oh, I think I've been had. It's another "funny" ironic Pouet thread. I need to purchase a sense of humour some day.
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OH YEAH! and it's a shareware with first levels free! :)))
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bTw ThIs KeY cAlLeD cApS lOcK pWnS!!!1
sorry, i meant "owns" of course.
And in my email some Nigerian dude wants to send me $40 million dollars. He needs my help for an urgent confidential business proposal!

Got to go and get me some of that vi4gra as well!
added on the 2006-12-15 23:00:20 by CiH CiH
i just copied a disk with Larry on it from a friend... that game makes me blush and giggle!
I learned how to play some new english game, here is a photo of me and my friends before we go out for a hit..

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baldrick: jolly good indeed!

chaps, have a look this game too! it was recently imported from greece by british archaeologists:

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One day, a tool called Photoshop will resolve all our masturbating problems.

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oh, I think I've been had. It's another "funny" ironic Pouet thread. I need to purchase a sense of humour some day.

You can get one really cheap at this auctionsite Klipper!

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Another skilful web page is :


There can you tales from the one language to the other transfer. Therefore this way hoef you never more something else than your moerstaal to type!
added on the 2006-12-16 21:44:09 by havoc havoc
My poem babelfucked:

The ounce in one midnight dulled, since it considered weak and I start tired, in the strange volume of the holds and curious to know forgotten, since much inclined the head, you house to make the siesta of the holds, to raise with handspike holds suddenly to hit there slightly, in the date of the holds that they establish approximately smoothly, pressuring with me the door of the place of ` ' that the Tis arrests some to visit, ' me murmured, ` typing with me the door of the place - only this one, and nothing more.' Ampèreheure, the memory distinguished that December was dulled, and the alive falls of coals of the separate death worked in ghost the wooden floor. After ardent it desired the day; - vainly had attemped to ask for of my books of the bread - bread always of surcease adorns lost Lenore - new Mrs. adorns rare and radiating that angels if had called the Lenore - not known adorns here. E when bruir to the doubtful sad of the silk crimson of the falls of the curtain never fêz quiver - fulled me me of terrors fantastic before the felt; In the way this, with coup to militate immovable now me heart, holds of Tis of the this ` of repeats ' the entered determined one of the order was made examination to the end to visit with me the door of the place - last entrance of the order arrests me definitive to visit the door of the place; - that is, and nothing more, ' at this moment me more heart developed of fort; vacillating then more, Sir of `, ' said I, lady of the gold of `, really in remission that I request; The fact is me drank the siesta of the holds, and to divide land into parcels smoothly to raise with handspike that it pressures, and to divide land into parcels it slightly that it hits slightly of the one to raise with handspike, typing with me the door of the place, this rare was bitter taste who I heard ' - I here April with the distant door; - the blackness there, and nothing more. Deeply in this blackness that disfigured, the length kept to ask for that me there, fearing, to doubt, dreaming of the mortal of the dreams bold(realce) always to the dream before silence of estêve objective uninterrupted, and to the blackness that the god none not mark, and the only said word was the word whispered there, ` Lenore ' this that I whispered, and I game of the year murmured behind the word, of ` Lenore ' simply this and of the nothing more. Another time in the room that gave the return, everything me heart in the burnt country that if, still prepares heard me that I slightly arrest the stroke more extremely slightly of the one than beloved of ` of ` certainly, ' the said one, certainly that with rank is something grates on of the window me; The véame of the left then, this thereat is, and this mystery explores them - the heart always leaves me either the causes that the moment and this of the mystery explore them; - ' wind and nothing of Tis that more ' Á ruge-aqui emitted the obturator, when, with very undulation of the holds of ligón and the year, the majestical stage of the internal holds of the fact to arrest corbel of the days there holy of before. Not except obeisance; it does not keep the motionless very small gold remained; It drank, with mien of the gold of the gentleman of wound, summer perched in me door of the place - étée perched one badly arrests the bust of Pallas in me door of the place - étée perched, and could be moved stops backwards, and nothing another one. Then the bird of the wooden east of ebony sad that it fascinated me imagination in the smile, for the strict serious honor and of the mines fêz examination, ` not obstante the tip that thy is scraped and scraped, thousand, ' the saying, bitter art of ` none cowardly. Corbel to sinister and horrible old ramble in the night of the side - the dam me that well-known noble thy is one limits of the Plutonian of the night ' corbel of Quoth, ` Nevermore.' Marvelled that these poultries left adorns simply to hear the speech to divide land into parcels, even so in much reply little meaning - little to the being importance; Adorns in the left ones to the edge of the custom not to be prevented that he is appropriate that never not if blessed the No. that is the place of that carved on in the door of the place lived human being without the embargo with considering the bird on in the door of the place - the animal of the gold of the bird in the bust, with name of the holds as ` Nevermore.' It drank corbel, to the isolated rest to the calm bust, only the ray, that arrests the word, as the record in the heart inside to this word it fêz outpour. Nothing more then that he pushed - he does not arrest then the penalty that floated - until of ` of murmured more of the one than badly of that other friends had flied - one before of the following day he knew it of me, because my hopes had flied beloved.' Then the indicated bird, ` Nevermore.' Scared with calm broken for thus said reply conveniently, of ` of ` without some doubt, ' said I, of that the growth is in only current and hides, done examination holds some quickly unhappy loves that unmerciful of dehorns followed and followed more quickly until its songs have the drill of loads - until the burial if the person if melancholic of loads of "Never-nevermore complained in the annoying hope this." ' corbel of the objective that sad always fascinates everything I heart in the smile, the right which I rolled the seat of the holds cushioned in beloved of the bird and the bust and the door; Then, to the velvet that goes, to betook of the penalty same to moor the imagination to the imagination, thinking of that this bird to sinister before - of that inside before the bird sinister of the east meant, IDO, emaciated, and of the destruction in ` Nevermore coassant.' This that I reclined occupied in estimation, objective no syllable that it expressed with poultries of that the eyes ardent now if burnt in the bases me make me examination; This and more of the one than I reclined adorns for conjecture, with main me in the easiness that you recline the one trimming of the velvet cushioning of that the artificial light enchanted or ' er, the purple one that the trimming of the velvet with or ' of the diversion er of the artificial light, it will press, oh of the objective, nevermore! Then, methought, the dense impulse developed more, perfumed when invisible censer of the year balanced for seraphim that it steps on thee of ` of tintinearon one, wooden floor tufté. of Wretch, ' slow shouted thy of I for hath of the god of ` - for these angels of the cheiros postponement thee - postponement and nepenthe of the memories thy of the Lenore! Pleasant Quaff, quaff of the OH this nepenthe, and if if to forget this corbel lost of Lenore ' Quoth, ` Nevermore.' prophet of ` ' mentioned already, that of ` of badly! - prophet always, devil of the gold of the bird of the record! - tempter of the record if feeling, to torments of the pear tree of thee emitted record in the impulse here with the land, not afflicts very intrepid, one that this magical land of the desert - one this house for the frequented horror - of the dam me that really, I request - is there - there me it is balsam it in Gilead? - dígame - dam me this, corbel of it requests I ' Quoth, ` Nevermore.' prophet of ` ' mentioned already, that of ` of badly! - prophet always, devil of the gold of the bird of the record! For this sky that relieves in the custom - the custom makes for this of the god who both rare adores - this heart with the loaded bread of the record dams, in separate Aidenn, it it will want étreindra that you it crowned the new lady who angels called Lenore - the étreignez and radiating has new you, that angels had called to corbel of Lenore ' Quoth, ` Nevermore.' ` is this word our sample of the exit, gold of the bird monster ' I pushed shout of the perforation that upstarting - ` gets thee in it another time torments it and sides of the Plutonian of the night! License of C not no penalty as black marks of the person of this hath thy of the heart of the said curves! Solitude leaves me it uninterrupted! - I seems the bust in the door! The volumes the external part thy of the injector me heart, and the volumes the form thy adorn to be IDO beyond me the door ' corbel of Quoth, ` Nevermore.' E corbel, never if not moving, always the rest, you always reclines one pâlot of the bust of the Pallas badly in me door of the place; E its eyes cut to all adorns to look at as of it has demon that it dreams, and or ' er of the artificial light that this the landslides the ring of boxing emit on curtain one to the wooden floor; E is of me heart of this curtain that is floating one that the wooden floor will be raised - nevermore!
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One day, a tool called Photoshop will resolve all our masturbating problems.

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If you look closely at the girl on the left, I hope she is just having a shower and we're seeing the water runoff. It looks kind of suspicious!

added on the 2006-12-17 10:19:00 by CiH CiH