Tomcat arrested in Germany

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heh interesting postulate, that could apply to cyber anarchism, but why the *identifiable and distinct group* prerequisite ? the libertarian practices of internet seem to infuse into our societies while not being the fact of disctinct groups.

about the scene ideals, i understand that considering the scene as a political or societal fact can be laughed at, but i was considering the scene globally, from hacking, cracking to demos, and i witness that those are more or less motivated by... greed and vanity of course but that's not the values i wanted to put in front ;) but also truly libertarian values centered around curiosity and share of *all* knowledge and goods : i like how the old manifesto Conscience of a Hacker can still be applied to the scene, even the demoscene, and 'hacker' can be extended to its original meaning of computer expert :)
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open an anarchism thread ffs.
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Dipswitch: naw, it's ok, we're going to discuss how the original definition of 'hacker' is 'person who makes furniture.'

Southern US dialect of English, particularlly used in the Mississippi region, where making furniture is still one of the major industries. A 'hacker' would 'hack' furniture together from wood pieces - a more 'rural' look than the 'craftsman' type of wooden furniture normally sold today.

This was related to the computer term due to the 'raw' nature of things - rather than a polished look, a hacker would get the job done, often without the 'official' tools. And as such the work was just as relevant, even if not so popular with those people who don't actually care what the hell they're sitting on is anyway, so long as it is trendy.
"share of *all* knowledge and goods"

damn ... and i thought
scene is about competition and beating others, stealing other ppls work and try to pretend that it is your own, getting pricemoney and contacts, leeching crappy outdated blowjob movies on servers...
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dipswitch: guess what? this is pouët!
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that page has a headless lady as a background.
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Garg: Always remember, the headless are the best - they can't run away and hide from you.
interesting one-sided explanation, and even if i prolly don't support tomcat's hot-headed retrograd nationalism, at least he's clearly not a coward.
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Always remember, the headless are the best - they can't run away and hide from you.

I've been told that decapitated chickens run a short distance after their heads are removed. It's some muscle spasms or something...
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el topo: Yes, they do. It gives rise to an expression in the states "Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off."
Tomcat for president
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