reTracked musicdisk, CD quality

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Hi-Fi version of the reTracked #1 release, a musicdisk with remakes of popular classic tracker modules, is available on www.retracked.org (pure uncompressed Wave PCM 44.1/16). Enjoy crystal sound of our first release!

We're looking for musicians to join our reTracked Team and participate in the upcoming reTracked #2 release. If you're keen on tracker music and feel capable of making pro-quality musical remakes of old tracker modules, contact the Project author, Alex Radzishevsky: webauthor {at} websound {dot} ru.
added on the 2007-09-02 08:19:34 by Manwe Manwe
added on the 2007-09-02 15:47:01 by psenough psenough
Is it possible to post an invitation for musicians on a news block on pouet.net, please?
added on the 2007-09-02 18:12:09 by Manwe Manwe
The news are imported from Bitfellas, so go there and post it ;)
added on the 2007-09-02 18:12:53 by xernobyl xernobyl
Iam not sure if this is true any more, but the news on pouet has always been about binary releases.
added on the 2007-09-02 20:15:29 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Looks like that...
added on the 2007-09-03 08:17:23 by Manwe Manwe