Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

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My sincere thanks for posting this link.
added on the 2007-10-02 00:01:26 by Preacher Preacher
nice one
added on the 2007-10-02 01:17:23 by psenough psenough
Thanks src.
added on the 2007-10-02 01:24:13 by bdk bdk
thank you for a nice evening
added on the 2007-10-02 02:10:46 by imbusy imbusy
thanks, src. amazing.
added on the 2007-10-02 03:37:27 by ryg ryg
with all respect for the guy giving the talk, but this is one of the most cheesiest things i've ever seen in my life.. *yuk*
added on the 2007-10-02 09:02:01 by toxie toxie
it is quite cheesy, i agree but considering that this is supposed to be his last public speech i think he managed to put the smallest possible amount of cheese into it :). personally, i think it is a very interesting speech with interesting thoughts in it and it is probably the first time that i wasn't bored by a speech longer than an hour. so every thumb up from my side for this guy.
added on the 2007-10-02 19:30:25 by src src
just the title screams cheesy faggotry alert.
added on the 2007-10-02 19:51:36 by cruzer cruzer
nice speech. tnx
added on the 2007-10-02 21:47:27 by rmeht rmeht
I've tried to remember what I wanted to achieve as a child after the video... I have completely forgotten all that... I had to make some effort to remember I wanted to be like fonzy in happy days. Maybe the goal is achieved in some way.
added on the 2007-10-02 22:34:30 by krabob krabob
it was a great experience to watch this; and it's not all made of cheese. his point about "head fakes" is a great insight. actually what he was aiming at with alice is something that we've might already been doing. perhaps for many of us, demoscene was such a head fake to get into computing...
added on the 2007-10-02 23:44:10 by Ger Ger
Uh?! I admire the guy's attitude in the face of adversity, I really do, but this was all just aimless waffling?!

It wasn't cheesy, but he just seemed to be talking about anything that popped into his head without any purpose.
ger: not really getting into computers, imho thats more or less already inbuilt when you're interested in demos, more like developing some skills in social networking, deadline pressure and such..
added on the 2007-10-03 00:51:17 by psenough psenough
saw a presentation of Alice at CHI 2007... it was kinda cool, but as most things from universitys, it was buttugly, but the approached reminded me alot of some demotools.
added on the 2007-10-03 01:55:45 by bzz bzz
he just seemed to be talking about anything that popped into his head without any purpose

i think that was the point - he hadnt had much time left to do so, so he took the chance.

this hit very very close to home, and felt really related on what i was doing sometimes or how i was feeling about things sometimes... how sad that people like him have to come out of the woodwork only before they have to leave :/
added on the 2007-11-08 17:35:23 by Gargaj Gargaj
Death to Videodrome!
added on the 2007-11-08 18:29:57 by doomdoom doomdoom
This was really inspiring and I really related to it. You guys don't know anything about me, but this video came to me at the right moment. I really needed something like this. Thanks src.
added on the 2007-11-08 20:31:43 by gr9yfox gr9yfox
greyfox: tas a morrer de cancro? O_O
added on the 2007-11-08 20:35:08 by psenough psenough
Nope, mas desisti do meu curso em portalegre e abracei há duas semanas um dos meus sonhos de infância. Era uma coisa que estava na prateleira há muito tempo porque pensava que conseguia achar algo mais possível, mas não. Admiti-o e é o que vou fazer. Vou fazer arte para jogos de computador. Vou dar tantos bons momentos como os que me deram a mim e vou provar ao pessoal de cá que é possível.

Estou a devorar tutoriais de 3D e a desenhar personagens. Em janeiro vou para o UK.
added on the 2007-11-08 20:41:56 by gr9yfox gr9yfox

he just seemed to be talking about anything that popped into his head without any purpose

This makes me wonder if you actually watched the video until the end, because hell yeah, he had a purpose with it.
added on the 2007-11-08 20:43:31 by sparcus sparcus
Thanks for sharing.

added on the 2007-11-08 23:23:08 by p01 p01
This is wonderful!

Have you heard about Oprah's book club? You can get "The Secret". It also helped me a lot. And books about flower decorations. It's so super.
added on the 2007-11-08 23:31:08 by cruzer cruzer
A bit too emotional, but a really good speech.
added on the 2007-11-09 00:52:23 by raer raer