Die Nazitübbies

category: general [glöplog]

(...) I would much rather put money in this stuff than guns, state-funded television programs or agricultural subsidies. (...)

Big mistake, state-funded television is bestest! Just have a look at the recent series on danish national television portraying how Teletubbies would have been, if the Nazis had won WW2. Comprehension of German is a plus, perhaps even a requirement to get truly appreciate this.

Die Nazitübbies ep 1. - Das Nazigold - Beware of your Nazigold!

Die Nazitübbies ep 2. - Das Grosse Marsch - There's only one way march properly!

Die Nazitübbies ep. 3 - Vuffelivov - A German shepherds is the only real dog for a nazi!

Die Nazitübbies ep. 4 - S.M. Nazimagie - When summoning german war gods, do it right, or you might just summon a Danish S.M mistress instead!
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