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I didn't rip samples from Keith303. I did rip samples from Wayfinder.
added on the 2007-10-22 19:14:38 by okkie okkie
awww boys, did you at least mention them? :DDD
added on the 2007-10-22 19:39:16 by knl knl
lol, i still love "cyborg-jeffs" sprlling error on his "webpage" hosted on untergrunt <- LOL.... and the stolen ghostbusters sign...
holy moly ... NOW I finally figured out that "intersted" thingie ... all the day I thought he meant "instead" ... bloody hell :D *rofl" can't help it's too funny reading those three "special" threads today
added on the 2007-10-23 17:06:58 by d0DgE d0DgE
Hooh oooh ?? i've never SOLD any CD.. Dalezy wich song of you that i've made ?? if u speak about an Outrun-X or Warhawk ?? the two potential songs it could be, this is just some funny finishing arrangement by my bross... for fun, that i have after that remasterised in a CD in 2000 just for my pleasure. And you are credited in IT. I always credit everyone... About Cerror... i really don't Remember??

Or may be you "JUST" speak about my personnal compilation called Free Electro Web... Ohh man.. This is not CD i sold !!! It just PERSONNAL COMPILATION of the BEST DEMOSCENE songs, in the time a small page let people download those songs linked to scene.org or other URL.

So please where is the problem ??
And.. about this CD (finishing reading all those strange word)...
HTML Quest.. this is not a sold CD, just a PERSONNAL album, just read this : http://cyborgjeff.untergrund.net/site/modules/mydownloads/singlefile.php?cid=16& amp;lid=145... So i dunno you could have read else ?

So about, many other stuff you speak, YES i've reworked many many other tracker's tune, scenemusic is what i like, YES, some first work are not good, hey, i've started tracking in 1995, so sure, arrangement i've made on "Dr Feelgood" in 97 are not good, and you must know at this time, i though remixing a song from a friend, that just many year later i know it is not is own !

My songs "American Dream" seems to be in final really close to the french team Kinito.. in fact i should have heard this song, few days before wirting mine.. but i don't know that.. and now, it is mentionned !

For information, many stupid songs i know on nectarine, i allready mentionned it, but it seems they don't want to remove it... I was bored to battle there, i will not know you will be so agressiv here.

I watch many guy using personnal works (as my dance/chip remix of What is love for example) and changing the "remix" name... so i know how you could feel.

So remember, i don't sold anything, i like demoscene, i have LOT of respect for all trackers, the Free Electro Web compilation are just personnal CD, and a way to promote the Free Demoscene music to other people.

And i don't have stole de Ghostbuster logo, this a illustration from a last album called "Popbuster".

Hope now it's ok !
finally, if i have told that the demo will not be presented in a party, it just because the song is allready downloadable..

I don't have been kicked ou Deviance, i personnaly don't have time to much work there at this moment, and don't want to be fictively linked to a team from who i will not be able to work !

And i have the intention to have funs back after long year and be present at the Break Point in 2008, moment i turn to 30 years old. Probably my last, before having children ;)
Belglish for the win :p
added on the 2007-10-25 08:52:16 by p01 p01
yes ! i know.. my english is really bad ;(
cerror, so he did the same to you? amazing scheme. :)

Hehehe, we're in the chipclick I guess.

Well I forgive the guy.
But next time he'd better ask for permission.

And as soon as he's trying to sell any others work, we'll lynch him.
But I think he wont do that.
added on the 2007-10-25 12:46:04 by cerror cerror
cyborgjeff, i didn't say that you didn't credit me, it was just the matter itself that left me speechless, especially since you had a whole series of these weird mashups going on back then. i think the project the cds have been done under was creadream, i don't know eletroweb at all.
added on the 2007-10-25 12:51:16 by dalezr dalezr
aargh my english is not good enough to completly undestand all... Anyway, yes HTML quest was downloadable from my first website Creadream.org

In fact i remember in Inscene 99 i have collected many songs from you, and i realy like it !! My bros (a coder not musician) let me show that your song have same base that Warhawk and he put the melody on it, then i finalise it, to add it in those CD album "HTML quest" with just and only "chiptunes" songs, and some made from the base of yours but also Pierrick, Rez (OutrunX), or something else. At this time i don't really have access to internet, so i just mention credits,... not able to contact those people, this was just to propose something on the net, in the mood of demoscene... I've never imagine this could generate such problems.

It's maybe the same with FEW, with proposing a collection of links to my FAVORITE demoscene songs fitting in a CD, and so presented as CD, i never imagine, it should be better to contact all muscians, i try to do it for the first, but i don't have any feedback...

As i've told, in the past (before internet) that was also hard to know if a song announced by a friend is realy by a friends or another scenemusicans.

I have lot of hates to Timbaland, reading to linked to him is a big hurt ;(... I've a 97 songs "You're my sun" that the melody is realy close in a Pakito songs ;( so, i could understand you !

Hope light have been done....
cyborgjeff: email 2 elise (valentina skulls remix) ROCKS! \o/