starting out

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before i do something i need some advice
as i cant start until i know i'm not wasting my time

i have a copy of this divine image below, which i discovered in that cave, you know the one where dave shaved that whore...

looking at the divine symbol i am trying to work-out
WHAT is the operating system and how does it work or how should it be created
all i know is that it must use 1 and 0 and maybe c and maybe n or [
i guess it is a bit of free thinking required, and it might be hardware driven ie it might be hardware as opposed to software????
ie just hardware with no software

it requires free thinking for purity
i am hoping that some of you genes can free your minds and unlearn what u know and maybe help in some way??

any comments appreciated on what IT might be or how IT should start
and maybe it is not ready yet to start??
i was thinking then about using polymer contact lense screen with nano circuit and somesuch thing?? (eye implants) but that would come later we need somewhere to start?

the reason why i am sure this symbol is right is that it can be every linb in the body!! and many other things so it is efficient from a coding point of view so i am assuming that it would be efficient and FAST!! in some way

or do we have to wait until the end of the revelation for heaven as it is on earth kind of thing?? just an OT thought there

BB Image

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