Movies you must see before you die

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IMDB is sharp and to the point as usual:

Plot Keywords: Train | White Bra And Panties | Hotel Room | Sadomasochism | Woman Wearing Bra And Panties See more »
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^ I enjoyed the shape of water. Did remind me a bit of Delicatessen and Amelie and even a bit of Hellboy but worth a watch.
I know it's TV but - The Young Offenders.
Funny as fuck (the accents may be a struggle for some) and a really genuinely heartwarming series.
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(the accents may be a struggle for some)

Made me think of this
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If you've got an hour to spare, watch this movie, it's "tres bien":


available on Amazon (free for Prime customers)

you can safely watch it with your children. it has a very "punk" attitude, though, which I loved.
added on the 2018-04-08 20:20:32 by bsp bsp