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added on the 2003-04-29 12:03:20 by skrebbel skrebbel
btw, all come to symphony. i heard it's a great party.
added on the 2003-04-29 12:04:20 by skrebbel skrebbel
everyone, stop crying, stuff gets destroyed on a party, ok? there is always like that, no matter what you do.

then I wounder what leia meant with disturbing swedish ppl?

I also wounder why everyone complain about the polish ppl screaming in a megaphone. I personally feel like I screamed more in a megaphone than I saw polish ppl do it, and I didnt scream much, though, some others used it almoust 24/7, noone complains about them?

I also agree with stefan on the food, fuck, german food was disgusting, and whats this with older german ppl who dont want to talk english, or dont seem to understand we dont understand german?

breakpoint ruled... but I wanna know who the fuck stole mindsikks cd/tapedeck? and didnt want to give it back to him.. you are the real turds, fuck you!

peez to everyone else =)
added on the 2003-04-29 12:30:28 by dubmood dubmood
Dubmood: Those ppl in the Schnitzelbude were damn old. They didn't learn english back then, so please understand that they didn't talk in english to you. hehehe.

But I agree the food was rather disgusting. Compared to REAL german food elsewhere, at least. =) But hey, sceners should be used to disgusting food. ;D
added on the 2003-04-29 12:36:44 by elend elend
I also wounder why everyone complain about the polish ppl screaming in a megaphone. I personally feel like I screamed more in a megaphone than I saw polish ppl do it, and I didnt scream much, though, some others used it almoust 24/7, noone complains about them?

maybe in the first day/night people still found it entertaining.
i mean, seriously, who doesn't like a guess-the-arpeggio-game that's beeing held through the megaphone. =)
added on the 2003-04-29 12:38:44 by dalezr dalezr
I find all "typical german food" discusting =) where are themeatballs!??!?! =)
added on the 2003-04-29 12:54:22 by dubmood dubmood
Meat sucks, man! Vegetarians, unite!
added on the 2003-04-29 13:38:29 by tomcat tomcat

"You don't have to expect any visitor from Poland next year"

I doubt you are representing the whole polish scene. And all those people telling you whats ok and whats not maybe should make you start thinking. Well, your choice.

On a side note, silentriot himself meanwhile agreed that he acted shitty and won't do that again, so you are on a kinda lost point here I think.


You got the point. Thank you. Of course paying for those damn 3 chairs won't really hurt me financially (even if they of course cost more than 2 euros), it's about respect.

And yes, let's forget about that banning stuff. The guys that got crticism for their behaviour should just try to learn their lesson until next breakpoint (or any other party).

And for those guys still trying to escalate this into a flame-war (azzaro first of all): Please stop it, quite a few valid concerns have been expressed here that obviously needed to be talked about.
added on the 2003-04-29 14:13:49 by scamp scamp
i liked the breakfast thingy with eggs and bread :)
added on the 2003-04-29 14:39:34 by superplek superplek
I find all "typical german food" discusting =) where are themeatballs!??!?! =)

i brought some .. but for some yet unknown reason i completely forgot about them and found them when i was back home, unpacking my bag.

dalezy == köttbullegud
added on the 2003-04-29 15:31:30 by dalezr dalezr
plek: that breakfast thingy looked horrible (morning, hangover, i don't want to eat stuff that looked like the stuff i puked out the previous evening and all that) but otherwise the food was 100x better than at ms...
added on the 2003-04-29 15:52:56 by uncle-x uncle-x
@Dalezy: Köttelbulette ?!?!?!
added on the 2003-04-29 15:56:58 by elend elend
hey! lets make a huge thread on pouet concering some drunk people at a demoparty breaking 2 chairs and waking some guys up in the sleeping area, and omfg, they used the megaphone to!

ok, lets take it in some steps..

The megaphone i ASSUME comes from Swoffa/Noice, wich was 'lost' when he boozed one evening, it was borrowed to everyone who wanted to use it, it was quite frequently used around the fire, that it would end up in the sleepingarea was just a question of time, really.

It's as i hinted before, quite embarassing that the orgos even bother to publish the fact of that two shitty chairs got destroyed, respect was so ever, drunk people tend to break stuff, not everyone does, but some people do, and it tend to be different people party to party , - how odd!

and omfg, a drunk guy from poland puked !! what a shitty country, uhm, i think i saw ~20 people puke, not in the sleepingarea tho, since i didnt go there, no need, i knew it would be noisy and puking in there, so i got myself and hotelroom, problem solved.

so, instead of banning the polish guys and other drunk people, ban all those lame fucking assholes that just sit around and complains about people being drunk, start by banning all american people , seriously we dont want them at a peacefull demoparty.
added on the 2003-04-29 18:33:18 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
Breaking/stealing things sucks. (I know one thing or two about that) Pathetic drug abuse sucks too.


..the thing I don't understand is why this constant pole-bashing.. the megaphone was swedish, the puke was mostly norvegian, the crappy michael jackson dancing on the stage was norvegian too.. whatever :) I enjoyed all that, even when the pre-compo "activities" "organised" by mawi were starting to get tiring, they at least gave something to look at .. and maximum disrepect to that german guy who was on the same row as me and shouting "poland sucks."

anyway, next time, get a hotel room. it's all nice and quiet in the night, and you get a decent breakfast ;)

And I fucking enjoyed breakpoint, again (the bus was a great feature)
added on the 2003-04-29 18:51:26 by _-_-__ _-_-__

Don't mention the war. Not the first, nor the second. Don't mention the war(s).
added on the 2003-04-29 20:01:47 by steffo steffo
war = bad
added on the 2003-04-29 20:46:55 by elend elend
WTF! You're insulting the germans, you racist! I told you not to mention those things!!! FFS!!!
added on the 2003-04-29 20:47:26 by steffo steffo
ein land, ein folk, ein demo.
demo macht frei.
added on the 2003-04-29 20:50:34 by Hatikvah Hatikvah
stefan: there was actually 2 megaphones, one small (swoffas) and one big (wich I think the polish ppl had, im not sure, I was drunk) =)

I still wanna know who stole Mindsikks tape/cddeck, step out, where I can see you!

btw, scamp, you are wrong about that no theft thing =(
added on the 2003-04-29 20:53:15 by dubmood dubmood
Considering mindsikks state of mind during the party, he could've just lost it by his own. Like taking it with him when going to hit a seven and then forgetting it in the bushes or whatever.
added on the 2003-04-29 21:00:22 by steffo steffo
Bash me! I was also using that megaphone. Hellfire even asked me if I was in the sleeping room with it.
added on the 2003-04-29 21:14:11 by tomcat tomcat
added on the 2003-04-29 21:15:37 by steffo steffo
added on the 2003-04-29 21:17:15 by tomcat tomcat
stefancrs: no, some guys took it, and didnt want to give it back to him, and since mindsikk is a peacefull person who dont want fights, he couldnt do anything
added on the 2003-04-29 21:44:36 by dubmood dubmood
kalle, ok :( sucky :(
added on the 2003-04-29 21:55:45 by steffo steffo