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I thought you were done trolling Pouet and being a moron? Evidently not.
added on the 2009-10-06 09:18:21 by gloom gloom
Just use ye olde flying goggles (some obscure archive service) on the for horse and on the bob code. It will all be made clear, it was never my intention to be a hater. I am just trying to share 'the lurve' (=it is no coincidence that I spell it similar to curve, think about it! Then make a frikin demo or ten as I shall be doing=).

And just as the great the greater gods of the demoscene who have gone before me, I believe I seem to be going through some kind of devolution into a being of pure energy. But I digress it seems.
bob is a REAL troll !

ontopic: we should find some new oneliner most soonish, else we´re stuck in 2008 !
i´ll apply following as often as it works out:

random() makes the difference !
the default onliner is something that many people wrote on the oneliner before, and I don't think that "random() makes the difference !" appeared there too often. :P
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added on the 2010-01-14 10:00:33 by Emod Emod
the World may now !
"spewk is not"
added on the 2010-08-25 21:14:11 by rmeht rmeht
gargaj: i deduce pouet is not under any revisioning system... right?
added on the 2010-08-25 21:15:21 by rmeht rmeht
piss off to 4chan
added on the 2010-08-25 23:56:21 by Sir Sir
SO bob^da almighty = Solo2 , correct me if i am wrong.
added on the 2010-08-26 00:33:42 by panic panic
Code: //$funnytext = "have fun"; //$funnytext = "get a cookie coz u'll need one to post"; //$funnytext = "demo my ipod me beautiful!"; //$funnytext = "bbcode and unicode doesnt work on oneliner"; //$funnytext = "Most people including myself have some sensibility"; //$funnytext = "### song, people dancing ###"; //$funnytext = "PANTS OFF!"; //$funnytext = "The world may now !"; //$funnytext = "Captain: I'm in Mensa."; //$funnytext = "SHOW US YOUR"; //$funnytext = "remember: NO CAPES!"; //$funnytext = "NO THURSDAY ARRIVALS!"; //$funnytext = "if garfield was a criminal, we would purchase him until afghanistan."; //$funnytext = "crashes indeed.. but wow! NOOON.."; //$funnytext = "time is to unicode on the onliner";
(some of them may be missing, the list was done retroactively)
added on the 2013-08-07 23:47:14 by Gargaj Gargaj
BBCode and Unicode are for jazz musicians?
Herr und Frau Rossi stinken nach Fisch nachdem sie die Nordsee getestet haben! Sogar: HUND.
Saga Musix:
that one was active when i opened this thread i think! ;) that´s why it doesnt appear in gargs very full list of all of em!
apologeez, you havent been read in first instance already (first post), but i´m still uncertain, should have been before that very posting of this thread, to appear here! but you posted as if it would have been...well, "pouet, understanding sometimes hard it is!" adoy says!
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Ahhh, let's remember those classy and intelligent discussions.. :)
added on the 2013-08-08 12:35:27 by Emod Emod