Is Scamp a Nazi?

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A facebook arguments page on pouet? & I cop shit for posting images!
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I stand corrected.

Could we maybe setup a "(f)lamers" category? Easy to channel obvious flame threads to somewhere that people can then filter. "Residue" is what I usually have to clean out of my dishwasher 1nce a month & can be a bit all-encompassing.
Just a suggestion.
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Well, "we don't have any common interests" is probably the most lame excuse for not talking to anyone. And not being able to have a conversation with kb is like not being able to walk straight, which you surely... oh.
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Some days ago (I doubt it was last night) I dreamt about a map of Germany from several centuries ago. In this unrealistic map, Germany was far larger than it ever was, included some territories in Asia and also a part of south-western China.
source: http://adokhugi.livejournal.com/

erm...discuss...vorwärts wollen wir marschieren....
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so it was nearly brequepointe!
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And in the real world, modesty is thy name.
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Fuck that. Welcome to God's country.
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source: http://adokhugi.livejournal.com/

added on the 2011-01-03 09:50:06 by _docd
Why do you read his livejournal entries? This feels so … wrong!
Scamp has been holding a grudge against me ever since I published an article about his sex life in Hugi more than 10 years ago.

Wait, you did WHAT?! No wonder noone wants to talk to you anymore..
added on the 2011-01-06 15:58:49 by v3nom v3nom
Scamp has been holding a grudge against me ever since I published an article about his sex life in Hugi more than 10 years ago.

Yeah, people tend not to take to kindly to having their dirty laundry disseminated across the interwebs.
added on the 2011-01-07 05:27:40 by ringofyre ringofyre
Article or it didn´t happen.
added on the 2011-01-07 09:10:25 by Sir Sir
There is one more indication:

At Breakpoint they served Kesselring Pils (and Kölsch, but as you will shortly see this was only a coverup).

Wikipedia has this:

"Albert Kesselring (30 November 1885–16 July 1960) was a German Luftwaffe Generalfeldmarschall during World War II. In a military career that spanned both World Wars, Kesselring became one of Nazi Germany's most skilful commanders, being one of 27 soldiers awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds. Nicknamed "Smiling Albert" by the Allies[Notes 1] and "Uncle Albert" by his troops, he was one of the most popular generals of World War II with the rank and file."
source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Kesselring

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!
added on the 2011-01-07 12:27:56 by steam steam