Join the christmas crew!

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Fuckings to Christmas !
Happy Holidays!
added on the 2008-12-20 01:37:41 by Movi Movi

there i go!
added on the 2008-12-20 07:02:54 by superplek superplek
Happy and hopefully white xmas to all, especially Adok.
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added on the 2008-12-20 10:36:37 by cruzer cruzer
An ancient sacred rituel was performed, the annual baking of the
legendary TRSI Christmas Cookies, handcrafted with love, hehe:

BB Image
Heh, you can spell "tits" with those!
added on the 2008-12-23 13:23:14 by okkie okkie
lol spotter. Nice bakin' right there.
added on the 2008-12-23 14:19:17 by Axel Axel
You can spell IRIS with those!
added on the 2008-12-23 14:34:57 by doomdoom doomdoom