Brokepoint - Breakpoint 2009 is in danger and needs YOUR support

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any 'guest star' a la Uwe Boll for bp09 ? :)

(btw new Uwe Boll movie Tunnel Rats is actually pretty excellent o_O)
added on the 2009-02-23 13:30:41 by aftu aftu
i want uwe boll to speak again!
added on the 2009-02-23 13:32:38 by nosfe nosfe
and perhaps have him box a kangaroo
added on the 2009-02-23 13:51:35 by superplek superplek
BB Image

Bob Fossil would approve of this!
added on the 2009-02-23 14:21:54 by kb_ kb_
FYI: If you wish to donate money to Breakpoint via Scene.org and haven't done so yet, this is the last week we're accepting Paypal donations. The donation link will be removed after Sunday March 15th 2009 and the total sum will be transferred to Breakpoint Organizing after that.

added on the 2009-03-10 17:12:22 by melw melw
What happened to the Brokepoint-money-progress-bar? I can't find it anymore...
added on the 2009-03-10 17:28:00 by Sdw Sdw
added on the 2009-03-23 16:12:28 by aftu aftu
Well, just compare those photos. It confirms what everyone suspected about Ryanair all along - they're the only airline that can make air stewardesses not look hot, even when they're secret porn stars. Knowing Ryanair, there's probably a 50 quid surcharge that you have to pay to get non-ugly stewardesses.
added on the 2009-03-23 16:57:59 by gasman gasman
SCHINDLERova...yeah,sure ! whats unobvious here ?!
With pronstars on the plane, one can actually pay to enter the "Mile high club". Guess thats why Ryan Air lately started charging for going to the plane bathroom.

Standard Fee = 1 EUR
MHC "BYO" Fee = 10 EUR
MHC "All Inclusive" Fee = 100 EUR
added on the 2009-03-23 17:47:03 by tFt tFt
Smart people sleep in the benches after the scene.org awards. They make a pretty nice bed if your sleeping bag is good enough. Also sleeping on the stage is also nice unless KB sees you.
added on the 2009-03-23 18:04:27 by xernobyl xernobyl
What? Come on, the only thing I do is sending subliminal messages through the stage monitor speakers and make you do things on stage while sleeping. What's bad about that?
added on the 2009-03-23 19:35:44 by kb_ kb_
I thought it'd be nice to have an option to pay the entrance fee in advance, possibly through Paypal, like support money is being collected.
added on the 2009-03-24 13:14:03 by Fei Fei
except then to do it legally we'd have to send invoices to everyone (=large amount of work for us) and people would need to be able to cancel their reservations if they can't come (also a large amount of work). dealing with the hotel reservations and the people who need visa is already a serious time drain for those involved, and unlike those two, advance payments don't actually make things better for anyone: we have all the extra work at no gain (it doesn't make a large difference if we have the entrance money a few weeks earlier as long as we get it eventually) and visitors get an extra registration process. and all you get in the end is that you have to reach for your wallet to pull out your ID instead of reaching for your wallet to pull out 55 EUR.
added on the 2009-03-24 13:58:45 by ryg ryg

We (digitale kultur e.V.) will stop collecting donations for Breakpoint by the end of the week. If your donation comes in after this "deadline" we will simply send it back to you, so please spare us the hassle.

Also we will stop taking registrations for the bustrip to Breakpoint by the end of Sunday. We need some time to organize a car and therefor need to know how many people we need to haul there.

So register or donate, now!
added on the 2009-03-24 16:45:30 by steam steam