rendering glitches, mistakes, accidents

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these are (mostly) superinteresting. More interesting for me than the intended output.


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that's a coincidence
i was looking for images like those only 3 hours ago
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That was suposed to be a textured tunnel, but I had some strange 0 division error. Sadly it didn't animate.
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@ xernobyl -
Its your image??? Can I use it on my next psybient album as cover???
Do you have higher resolution...? Awesome after dead tunnel effect...
Don't know about other people, but many of my cooler demo effects (in my opinion anyway) have come to life when I've tried to implement something, the routine bugged, and the result looked cool, so I've decided to go with it instead of the original idea.

Like for example the start credits in 'the line age', with the textured lines warping - that wasn't the original idea at all. In fact, the original idea sucked - would have required much more effort and would have looked worse. =)
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I accidentally the whole rendering
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sol_hsa, word! Aether's opening scene was kind of an accident. I used the engine incorrectly by rendering the particles as dof particles even though the particles weren't doffed. This caused the texture to change depending of distance and luckily the next texture matched well to the scene.

Also, never think you should have sane values in your postprocess filters: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=51724
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Tinctu: sure, if you still want it some months later :P

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