any people going to solskogen from stockholm?

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any people driving to solskogen from stockholm? and who would have space in their car?
added on the 2009-06-29 13:44:15 by nosfe nosfe
Elfan and Thec usually comes - you might want to check with them?
added on the 2009-06-29 13:50:33 by gloom gloom
Yes but they are not going through Stockholm. They suggested maybe flying out to where they were... but that's not going to be possible on my budget, so, need Stockholm drivers. Or. something.
truck, what happened to the solskogen car trip? :(
added on the 2009-06-29 14:16:09 by decipher decipher
Bus from Stockholm to Oslo is around 280 SEK. Train is around 380 SEK.
added on the 2009-06-29 15:19:33 by gloom gloom
iam also in for car trip dont got any drivers license or car tough but i got gas money :p
Decipher: If we can figure a way to do it, we'll do it. The problem is right now I can't afford to take the ferry to Stockholm, much less pay for a car rental.

So we're looking for more folks to get costs down.

And, well, any form of method to do this, cuz it would suck ass to miss it. But right now it looks like there's no way in hell it can happen.

Or Evoke.
Dude, it won't be the same without you, so please figure out a way to get here!
added on the 2009-06-30 22:55:40 by gloom gloom
well if there's a car / train trip from stockholm I would like to join too, although I am kinda floating... all is messy nowadays.
added on the 2009-06-30 23:44:48 by decipher decipher