Solskogen - Car with seats available.

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Hi, me and elfan is going to solskogen following west coast of sweden up towards oslo (partyplace).

If anyone needs a ride we would be more than happy to share it with you. Up thursday home sunday. We can also offer tent space.

(More specific something like hässleholm->halmstad->göteborg->osloish).
added on the 2009-07-13 21:57:02 by thec thec
just as extra information, this is what a car looks like WITHOUT seats.. imagine the lack of convenience!
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Didn't some of the finns need a ride?
added on the 2009-07-13 23:21:17 by gloom gloom
Yes. From Helsinki, for free.

It's not gonna happen ):
comean! even danish people could take the train up to halmstad and we could arrange pickup there.. or we will simply have to camp alone :)
added on the 2009-07-14 16:50:51 by thec thec
however, we are travelling by planes and cars :-)
and ferries :)
added on the 2009-07-15 08:40:46 by Puryx Puryx
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added on the 2009-07-15 09:16:14 by dubmood dubmood
There are two finns(me&myy) going to Solskogen and if there happens to be some sort of ride from Oslo or Ås to partyplace on friday for two persons it would be appreciated. :)
added on the 2009-07-15 09:23:00 by waffle waffle
finnish city design has never been very inspiring.
added on the 2009-07-15 09:23:16 by skrebbel skrebbel
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added on the 2009-07-15 09:24:53 by Ger Ger
*BUMP* So yes, if there are any seats for two persons from Oslo(or Ås) to the party place on friday, you can contact me. luftwaffle@IRCNet or via email: iwaffle@gmail.com
added on the 2009-07-15 13:34:47 by waffle waffle
we're coming from the wrong direction for that I think....
added on the 2009-07-15 18:28:48 by thec thec
damn :)
added on the 2009-07-15 19:19:23 by waffle waffle
waffle: If you know when you're arriving at Ås station, post it here.
added on the 2009-07-15 19:54:13 by gloom gloom