twitter for amiga

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is there a twitter client for amiga?
added on the 2009-08-30 17:29:30 by nosfe nosfe
You can use a C64-Emulator on Amiga to get it running ;) --> http://www.viceteam.org/amigaos.html
added on the 2009-08-30 17:40:15 by cryer cryer
is there a twitter client for the speccy?
added on the 2009-08-30 19:49:22 by kelsey kelsey
google tells me that this page has info on the subject
i don't know about twitter for amiga, but if you have an older commodore computer, you might want to take a look here
added on the 2009-08-30 22:04:00 by havoc havoc
@kelsey Gasman made one
added on the 2009-08-30 22:42:04 by p01 p01
couldn't you just use a web browser?
or couldn't you just not use twitter?
added on the 2009-08-31 09:14:45 by farfar farfar
IBrowse? AWeb? Voyager? OWB? ;-)
added on the 2009-08-31 10:57:56 by xeron xeron
farfar: good question.
added on the 2009-08-31 12:42:20 by Deus Deus