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category: residue [glöplog]
bump. https://aquacord.bandcamp.com
You'll find among others 19 unplayed revitalized loud, sick, progressive, minimalistic, dark, uplifting and disturbing downtempo tracks from the early 00's! ;) no usual copies of the copy of copies! all is made from scratch. some loads are bandcamp virgins since march/19! :( I'll replace at least two crappy ones soonish, so if you start with "the day before" all other tunes should be at a higher or let's say more audible level. I promote here only!!! It's for the ds, not for the fkn gold, short time hippies or whatever some drunken idiots may think! give it a try or go on with yo dying stuff. :P this wont stop me so or so. a good start could be: https://aquacord.bandcamp.com/track/premonoit
much more tunes will come in this year... if good enough as party rls - I hope that so far. Thanks, stay dirty and a big sorry for the broken speakers, hearings and all the bloody puke. :)
layt0rz, aqu
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Then again, what's a more pure representation of Scene Spirit than something that causes a multi-page argument about something colossally irrelevant?
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