Simplest explanation of our universe is the simplest program that computes it

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I think this article show some similarities with the demo scene 256 / 4K spirit :)


Physicists are just following their compression progress drive

Dr. Schmidhuber is also an artist, creating "low-complexity art" based on principles from algorithmic information theory.

If the history of the entire universe were computable, and there is no evidence against this possibility, then its simplest explanation would be the shortest program that computes it. Unfortunately there is no general way of finding the shortest program computing any given data.

Newton's law of gravity can be formulated as a short piece of code that allows for substantially compressing many observation sequences involving falling apples and other objects.

I've been impressed by a lot of Schmidhuber's work for quite many years already. And I'm also the one who added a mention of the demoscene to the "Low-complexity art" article on Wikipedia (:

As for universe simulation, I wrote this one: http://www.pelulamu.net/countercomplex/2007-04-13/
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Awesome :)