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Post your demoscene blogs here. Either it be your own blog with all kinds of shit-posts. Or it be a pure demoscene related blog.

blog.darklite.org has been up for a while, and will be regulary posting crap and less-crap posts. Will try to keep it mostly demoscene related. But there will most likely be alot of scheisse too :)
We're trying to build up a nice link section of demoscene related blogs/sites which shows the latest posts and when. So please post tha blogses'es here, or send us a message ;)
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got theese so far:

#126: Ass Up! by Spot
19 hours ago
1 day ago
The Gathering 2010: Prizes for the creative competitions announced
2 days ago
Oldskooler Ramblings
Attempt #4
1 week ago
Direct To Video (smash)
ambient occlusion in frameranger.
3 weeks ago
Skjoldbroder (farfar)
Use your MBP trackpad as a “Wacom”
4 weeks ago
Code 4k
Building .fx hlsl files with a Custom Build Rule under Visual Studio 2008
4 weeks ago
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http://plasmafun.blogspot.com it's actually more than demos (games and other stuff too), but just check the 'demoscene' or 'demos' keywords for the relevant stuff.

http://gatestodelirium.blogspot.com sometimes I post my demo coding related things I am working at the moment.
added on the 2010-02-10 18:02:03 by Optimus Optimus
My blog, mostly about music from the demoscene / tracking scene, but also demos.
My blog. When I post (which is seldom) there's about a 75% chance that it is somehow demo-related.
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There's some chiptracking/assembly coding stuff on mine now and then, though not recently: http://ihearthesoundofwaves.blogspot.com/
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http://synesthetics.livejournal.com/ now dead :(
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Of the active blogs I follow, these are probably the most demoscene-related:





I've also subscribed to the "demoscene" search result feed on Google blogsearch.

I'm probably going to rebrand mine as an "article collection". I'm not that much into regular updates.