Experimental music from very short C programs

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here a test to use binary instead of arrays.
Kept simple and stereo to make the idea behind obvious.
L: 1<<((t*.001)&15)&1029?t:0 | R: 1<<((t*.001)&15)&4112?t*8:0
I know it's totally against the idea of fractal music, but still could be useful :)
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The whole thing reminds me of the old drinking game "guess the fileformat" or "cat random shit to /dev/dsp" :)
Wait, you were cat'ing random files to /dev/dsp and then guessing the file format from that? sick...
great drinking game!
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This thread rocks... I read the beginning of it a while ago and then I checked back later..

WOW. So much progress. @mu6k's "Longline Theory"... omg! so crazy.

Great job everybody.
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((((x=t&1?t++:t--)&(t<<1)|t>>2)+(((x<<7)/t>>6)-( (x<<7/t>>8)))+(t<<9/x>>17)))

Some reversish bass sound i came up with.
Dont know if anybody can use it.
Accidently found it by just tweaking some shifts and keeping on adding shifts :).

Still not figuring out how you got rhythms out of it ,simple "sine-LFO" wont do the work.
thought of multiplying it by some hard square wave like a gate.

And how the hell are you playing timed notes ?
Ternary operators , modulo, vodoo magic ?

A small hint would be nice :)

added on the 2011-10-11 22:07:08 by Tundrah Tundrah
Thanks Tundrah i think i get it.
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nice tundrah. gonna see if it wraps in...
added on the 2011-10-12 00:17:33 by yumeji yumeji
first tEiS producing usable results of this gets the job ;)
Now with some some funky, arguably improvable visualization.
added on the 2011-10-12 11:31:48 by raer raer
@rear damn u now i start drawing things instead of making music :P
And it sounds good too!
and now some music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGMx2hlv-Pg for (t*t/256)&(t>>((t/1024)%16))^t%64*(0xC0D3DE4D69>>(t>>9& ;30)&t%32)*t>>18 (based on lessertruth and rrrola formulas)
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have to read how it works, but after some pouet copy&paste&random changes got this:
((sin(t)>>t|t|t>>122|2*t|t<<sin(t)|t>>6|t<<1|t&g t;>11)*10)+sin(t)
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Hahaha! <3
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raer: send me an email you climbing nerd.
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gentleman? can't keep track of your nicks...
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@p01: Nice synth! :)
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