Not for the lamers. :)

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In the west ofcourse people are pleased with winning mentally. And you have cartoons like this who express the same mentality.


If this arrow-to-the-knee or any similar type person, is annoying most of the time, provoking, and generally trying to turn your life into hell, wouldn`t you agree that removing this person from society is better?

I mean the emotion and sense is already there, it`s just about politics and re-instating Islam, or similar arrangements, and you will get rid of the provocateur, and the fear of deathpenality, may alone scare people straight. And we will have a peaceful society, and a wellbehaved internet. Even just some more identity helps, and that we see with facebook, which for instance the newspapers here adopted, and most deviant comments were reduced to a very small factor.

No, seriously dude. Nobody is reading your shit, nobody cares, just get the fuck out.
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go fly an airplane into a serverpark or smth...
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I swear I'm reading as carefully as I can and I'm still not getting the point.
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Then we have established some sense, and that idiots are hated, and that in some countries they are killed, and these countries should be learned from.

And then ofcourse those who hold these lamers/idiots/satans in contempt, as I do, and agree, and also go to the next level, and understand the LOGICS behind this.

The school of logic started with Aristotle, and a central argument about God, was part of it.

It is called "primum movens" or the primary mover. It is an argument about a force that moves everything else, without being influenced by anything itself.

If you are seriously interested in discussing this with me, please behave well, others will be ignored. If no serious debaters engage, I will ignore the thread.

I will present a modern version of the argument.

Something finite cannot exist without an infinite. The finite has no power to exist on it`s own.
The infinite, must be boundless/limitless, eternal, allmighty, absolute, the only truth, and the only might. One force, that can only be one, because allmightyness can only be posessed by one. So the infinite is this. And limitlessness, cannot be limited, so it is a paradox, because it can. Because it is a paradox, it is not a sequence of events.

Now the finite is a sequence of events. And again, an infinite sequence of events, does not exist, because it lacks a beginning, and therefore a sequence.

And since we observe a sequence of events in our universe, the only logical fitting piece of the puzzle, is the eternal, as described.

Then we have establised "God", the one force called by many names, and by Aristotle as the primary mover, and the foundations of logical thought.

Furthermore we can see that, if this force controls everything it must also be correct that is has morals, since we can see that it coordinates a society, that punishes by morality. Low morality, in the form of criminality, results in jailpunishments or worse. Low morality in the form of promiscuity results in a negative selfimage, or worse.

Nobility, justice and correct behaviour, is rewarded. Good results in any job, that are based in decency and truth, are always rewarded, and gains oneself high rank, in society. So the controller prefers the good.

Even esoteric elements such as the divine nature of the soul, can be reached logically, since any of the programmers here know that life cannot be programmed into a finite program. And a infinte chain of events does not exist. Therefore the soul, what makes us alive, consciousness, must be God, and the infinite.

So you are this moral being yourself.

Therefore the argument becomes that one who goes against himself in immorality, actually punishes himself, and that must be the utmost of idiocy. And others know better, and should ofcourse be the ones that run society.

Even the meaning of life can be derived logically. And that is that God is the absolute, and with the absolute is meaning. We are that meaning. And that can be observed in that we can have a dialoge and understand what the other is talking about, and therefore there must be an absolute referance.

Now you can try to refute this with whitenoise creators and and what not, and look very silly.

And ofcourse since the argument supports an eternal soul, you can think about heaven and hell too.

Go back to /x/
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The Brilliant Mr. Tim Minchin said it first
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make a demo about it.
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Sotsoft believes we should make a white noise demo and setting the randomness rules we could somehow communicate with the quantum void and this screen will bring out forms and entities in our screen.
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Optimus, you can just put your lips togheter and make a whisteless whitenoise sound, AND HEY THERE IS THE UNIVERSE.

The quantum of the void.
I`m sitting here accidentally clicked on something on youtube. Boys by Sabrian.


Boys boys boys.. she probably slept with everyone in your class. Isn`t that the idol to hang on your wall.

Whadda think.. uh .. boys.

I`m just saying is a good thing that religons exist, so us intelligent have the infinite to grow in. Ofcourse if you disagree, Sabrina is yours.

Or if you like men, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyx6JDQCslE&ob=av2e

Even Britney Spears is guzzling cum in her latest video, and want to be like that faggot who drives. "1-2-3 will u sleep wip me".

Aren`t they zdars.
Umm.. did someone forget to take their meds?
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Go make a demo about it. Or at least a lame cracktro with a scroller.
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Go to Iran and say that uncle-x, please?

I also want to say that I don`t believe in quantum mathematics at that level.
Basically what I think is that someone drew a line from 1 to 0, and divided, or some similar absurdity. "infinite potential". "measurable". Ofcourse by my logical argument, I also don`t believe in infinite mass in black holes, and similar things.

Boobs boobs boobs ;)
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I'd say that pretty much answers my question.
added on the 2012-01-16 18:05:11 by uncle-x uncle-x
God made a religion about it, xernobyl.

Well I posted about Iran on the first page, and it went quiet for a while, but you know the page flipped, and woop, out-of-mind and back to the same lame behaviour.

This is below me so.. the goldfish-memory mind to you, and well, an unfathomable alternative to me apparently.

*swoosh* in 5 minutes I was never here, being excellent, and the cacophony of idiots babble on. <- a note to future decent people that for some reason should stumble across this.
I recommend a stimulating conversation with Bartoshe.
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uncle-x and all his similars, He should go and believe in his whitenoisecreator. The universe is a random number sequence. Stop believe in all else, and be a true atheist. You are two-physical brainhalves. Stop belief in any soul. Derive morality and meaning, from the whitenoise.

Uphold it long enough, and I guranatee you will be begging for "meds" to take your mind away.

End of communications from me here. It`s the same shit eachtime I am here apparently.

If you call this "scene", it`s some name-ripoff from something that is long dead.
I guess they could just kill themselves and it would go away. Because there is no judgement day and heaven and hell is there.