DemoJS - the browser demoparty - Paris, 29-30 june 2012

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added on the 2012-07-08 00:28:28 by psenough psenough
Well, as promised in my DemoJS talk and only a week late... I've just released JSSpeccy version 2 (github). It took a bit longer than expected to stamp out all the emulation bugs, but on the plus side, it now completely passes the unit tests from the Fuse emulator and supports demoish multicolour effects with 99% accuracy. Yay!
added on the 2012-07-08 02:05:10 by gasman gasman
WOW gasman!! Great work -- playing Chaos RIGHT NOW!
added on the 2012-07-08 02:18:18 by Fell Fell
gasman: awesome!! you could include some more info on what formats it supports. guess only .tap and maybe the .sna you were working on? just tried loading an .scl without much success :p
added on the 2012-07-08 02:34:03 by psenough psenough
and its still missing sound :(
added on the 2012-07-08 02:44:14 by psenough psenough
Damn you gasman!!! I really didn't need a reprise of the Chaos addiction right now :/ JSpeccy definitely plays it more responsively than Fuse, and that's been enough to fuel a wee habit I'm afraid!
added on the 2012-07-12 02:37:04 by Fell Fell
any news where those talks can be viewed online?
wanted to reference some of them in a talk i'm preparing and can't.
added on the 2012-10-06 16:00:39 by psenough psenough
Mm sorry for the delay, I'm bumping the topic, I can't give you any date right now.
added on the 2012-10-06 16:09:10 by wullon wullon