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Releases here http://party.pixelj.am/releases.php get your uploading engines started :)
http://www.theadesilva.com/tiny1.mp3 Here's the recording from my entry. I'm explaining what it is to the Glitch crowed, I was afraid they wouldn't appreciate it (I'm unsure about how I feel about the glitch crowed). That sound you hear in the background is the chandelier from the bass.

The sega-genesis thing is a joint efffort between me and jredd. I did the code and graphics, he did the music. It was at the mainhall door way pointing the way to the party. Here's the rom: http://www.theadesilva.com/door.bin
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Oh yeah, here's my release too: http://www.theadesilva.com/tiny1.tar.gz
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For anyone that remembers Pixel Jam 2012:

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Yeah there was a lot of glitch stuff. I mean, glitch is ok with me for a little bit but holy shit there was so much. I secretly don't like glitch, just between you and me
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i make terrible prods, but glitch can suck a nut.